How to Evaluate Employee Performance?

Evaluating employee performance is one of the key functions of human resources department. It is the basis for improving and developing employee performance and is part of the reward system for employees. Performance management is a systematic process for improving organizational performance by developing the performance of individuals and teams. A well designed employee performance process and management system can help cultivate and promote good corporate culture and improve business performance in long term, especially under the knowledge economy when the talented people are the precious assets of business.

Employee Performance Plan Development

There can be times in life, when an employee performance plan is necessary. There can be many different reasons for this. It could be that a employee performance plan is needed when someone new is hired, and performance plans can also be needed when what is expected from employees falls below expectations.

Balanced Scorecard System Fundamentals

Balanced scorecard system is an effective performance management system that can help business to monitor and track the performance of business strategies and objectives. Management team in many business are busy with the strategies and tactics, they neglect the results of the set goals. A good balanced scorecard system can provide business managers with the information they need so that they can make better decisions.

Key Ingredients of Performance Management

In today's competitive business world, managing performance of a business, employee or products has become one of the key success factors for those top performing organizations. However, many people mistakenly regards the performance management as a simple rating system that just give ratings for the employees or department at the year end. In fact, performance management is a systematic system that comprise of five key ingredients: planning, developing, monitoring, rating and rewarding.

Business Performance Management System

If you want to make sure your businesses goals are being consistently met in an effective manner, then you need to keep a close eye on your performance management strategy. How you handle your performance management, and the tools you use to keep track of it, can mean the difference between regularly meeting your sales and other goals and floundering around trying to figure out why you are not where you should be. That's why you should always make sure you are using the most effective performance management tools for your business.



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