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a flower that has never known the sun and a flower that has encountered the sun are not the same. breath is prana, breath is the élan vital – the vitality, the very life – and yet it is unconscious; you are not aware of it. even if you are in a coma for months, you will go on breathing; it is an unconscious mechanism. buddha is reported to have said that if you can be aware of your breath for even a single hour, you are already enlightened. you may start by being aware as the breath is going in, but no sooner has it gone in when you are somewhere else.

a single thought and you have become unconscious of the breathing process. physiologically you think that breath is just for the purification of the blood, that it is just a bodily function. if you can go to the very center, for a brief moment breath stops and there is a gap. you may call it “god.” in the gap between when the breath goes out and when it comes in is the cosmic center. first you will become aware of your inner center, and then you will become aware of the outer center. in a very miniature way, in a very atomic way, the same thing is happening in you.

every meditation has some key points also known as the key principle of meditation. this meditation is divided in three steps. the second step is called “pana” and final step is “sati” which also means burning. this meditation is very beautiful as it clear soul. anapanasati was invented by lord buddha as improved version of vipassana meditation, in vipassana our goal is to clear mind and make it thoughtless but in anapanasati we go beyond this stage as it has 3 steps and they are ana, pana and sati (burning of karma) but what is ana. don’t try to control it, if your mind wander elsewhere try to bring it on breathe. just be aware of breath, don’t try any visualization or breathe control. just be aware, it sounds easy and it is now you will see memory of past.

now your mind will move towards attachments, simply tries to ignore it and bring your awareness on breath. your mind will wonder here and there but bring your awareness back on breath. keep focusing on breath don’t try to control it, just be aware until you see millions of cellular mann and they store data of your past births too. now keep your awareness on your breath until feelings arises in your cells, just be aware and don’t get attached from your cellular signals. if you made it so far then congrats now keep focusing on breath and your body will become calm and blissful as your inner fire is on. this inner fire is calm and blissful for you but not for your karma so it will attack on them. this fire is made from bliss so enjoy the inner bliss and inner fire will burn your karma but remember the intensity of this fire will depend on your awareness on breath but it is easy. keep doing it until you feel enough and you will get surprised after 20 days of trying it, as you will see improvement in yourself.

anapanasati is a significant technique; it makes you the witness, the witnessing soul, but it is different from kundalini. it is likely that through deep and in medicine could not work because the bhikku had been practicing anapanasati yoga – a special kind of breathing discipline in vogue among the buddhists. the method that buddha used is known as anapana-sati yoga – the yoga of incoming -osho. from meditation: the art of ecstasy, appendix., anapanasati yoga meditation osho mp3, anapanasati yoga meditation osho mp3, osho anapanasati yoga in hindi, osho on lungs, osho.

simply ignore this thought and focus on breath. now your mind will move towards attachments, simply tries to ignore it and bring your awareness buddha made it a great technique for meditation, watching the breath, of the breath – what buddha calls vipassana or anapanasati (you?) more from osho – meditations – ओशो ध्यान विधियाँ, .

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