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to keep yourself in track and perform, you need to have something to relax and release the stress. i’ve been to a lot of studios, this studio gives you the best work out in the least amount of time (only 50 mins) you don’t need to remember a mat?…” more “i have been attending yoga classes here for two years and not once have walked out of any of the classes disappointed. the teachers are inspiring and professional. the instructors are all very professionals, and kind. wherever you are looking for your body, mind and spirit, you will finding at tejas,…” more “free class @yoga2.0studio! i was in chicago for the past 2 months and discovered shakti a month before i left.

i signed up for the unlimited monthly class pass and made a commitment to try to practice…” more “my husband and i signed up just before the covid lockdown, so my review is based 100% on post covid lockdown. we are not “gym…” more “i’m so thankful i found this place. she has 25 years of kundalini…” more actually if we’re going to deconstruct yoga – what yoga is known in the west is a very limited view of what the whole system comprises of going back… “the lab yoga on racine in chicago hosted an amazing ecstatic dance event on saturday and it went beautifully. the space is gorgeous, clean, spacious, and has so many amenities for a yoga studio, including a kitchen, locker area and a lounge space with comfy couches for chatting. the studio is located up two flights of steps and i didn’t see an elevator- but i’d suggest calling first as there may well be one, and i just i didn’t see it. free street parking was available.

ashtanga yoga is a traditional method of yoga with its roots going back thousands of years to the yoga korunta. ashtanga yoga is a practice of yoga that incorporates the primary series and is made up of a great variety of postures. the class is a led class as opposed to some of the more advanced classes which are self-paced. the ashtanga primary series is called yoga chikitsa, meaning yoga therapy, because of the cleansing and toning effect it has on both body and mind. with a challenging form of yoga, such as ashtanga, it is important that your body and mind work as one in order to not be overwhelmed. the ashtanga intermediate series is done in mysore classes as it is more advanced and challenging.

the ashtanga primary series is a demanding class that asks for a great deal of strength, mental clarity, and time commitment. the traditional practice is a daily ritual; so ashtanga really is a lifestyle. a strong body might be the first thing you realize when taking on ashtanga; it is the physical representation of your hard work. ashtanga yoga is for you if you want a challenge and you love structure. after you have come to an understanding of what yoga is and what your body can expect to go through, we would love to have you join us in an ashtanga class. ashtanga (level 1-3) covers the first half of the primary series and ashtanga (level 2-3) covers the full primary series.

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