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“a yoga bolster is like a mega pillow designed to be used horizontally or vertically underneath the body in a variety of yoga poses.” it’s most often used in restorative or gentle yoga practices, but it can be helpful with any type of yoga. “it’s great for restorative poses that call for a bit more support and it feels great to slide under the knees in savasana,” says soni. a great addition to any restorative yoga practice, this lightweight yoga bolster is handmade in the u.s.a. the size, shape and firmness make it ideal for deep-breathing (pranayama) poses. “using a yoga bolster allows you to create more space and ease in postures that might be challenging to hold otherwise,” says soni.

“for most people, the standard bolster flat top and wide profile are good and easy to use for most restorative postures,” says mcgee. “typically the bigger the bolster the better because you will have more support and cushion, which is the point of using a bolster — for maximum support and comfort.” you can also slide the bolster under your knees so it’s parallel to the front of the mat and then fold forward.” she has more than ten years of experience talking to top medical professionals and poring over studies to figure out the science of how our bodies work.

seriously, the entire point of restorative yoga is to *relax*, which means you’ll get to enjoy restful poses for minutes at a time and use cozy props like yoga pillows (a.k.a. for example, resting your torso on a yoga bolster (which is basically a firm pillow) in child’s pose takes any physical effort out of the equation so you can really settle in. while meditation pillows are often round and firm enough that you can sit on them comfortably in an upright position for extended periods of time, yoga pillows or bolsters are designed to help you find support through a variety of restorative poses. these top-rated, instructor-approved yoga pillows will help you go deep and breath easy. “this is such a tried and true bolster for me,” says dani schenone, ryt, holistic wellness expert for mindbody.

”  manduka’s lean bolster is a lightweight version of their popular classic, making it great for travel and easier to move on and off your mat. “i can easily pull this on and push it off my mat during a vigorous vinyasa class, and it’s the perfect aid for pesky poses (like one-legged pigeon) after a steady flow.” if you’re tight on space, all you have to do is pull this pillow off your bed or couch and replace it after your blissed-out yoga flow. made with cotton fill and an ultra-soft microfiber cover, it’s a comfortable, easy-to-maneuver option that won’t break the bank. oh, and it also just so happens to be made with organic cotton, so you can feel good about the quality of the material. this article is part of vision21, a year-long initiative from women’s health encouraging readers to dream big and achieve their goals.

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18 best yoga bolsters & pillows for your practice (2022) + buying guide ; best for meditation: gaiam yoga bolster price on amazon ; best if you’re looking for a standard or rectangular yoga bolster, you should consider the hugger mugger bolster. this is my personal favorite top yoga bolster and best yoga bolsters ; manduka enlight round bolster — $80.00 ; manduka enlight rectangular bolster — $70.00 ; yoga design lab bolster — $74.00 ; ajna, yoga bolster round, gaiam yoga bolster, lotuscrafts yoga bolster, rectangular yoga bolster.

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