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you might have times when everything seems too much to cope with and you feel extremely distressed. if you see health professionals during a crisis, they will focus on the ‘here and now’. it is usually better for you to deal with those issues later during your usual treatment with your main treatment provider. they will ask you for your ideas and expect you to join in making plans to get well. have a plan for what to do when you feel in crisis – things to do to keep yourself safe, including when to contact emergency services. when you are well, and with the help of your treatment provider, you should write down a plan that you can follow when you need it. ask the main health professional who treats your bpd to work with you to make a safety plan. it should be included in your management plan as a special section. you can do psychoeducation as well as your main psychological treatment. you can have psychoeducation individually or in groups.

your family can help you understand your diagnosis and learn how to support you in your treatment. it is easier for you and for your family when all of you have the same information about your condition and the choice of treatment. if you can all understand each other, you can work towards the same goal of your recovery. it can be very distressing to see someone you love become unwell with bpd. you can ask for written information about your treatment (including medication and psychological treatment) to show your family or partner. ask your psychiatrist or another health professional to help. please speak to your doctor for advice about your situation. subject matter experts, people with lived experience of mental illness and carers all contributed to this fact sheet. photos of people used on this site are for illustrative purposes only. this website needs javascript enabled in order to work correctly; currently it looks like it is disabled.

but believe me when i say that practicing self help and self care is going to give you a much higher quality of life than if you neglect yourself. if you prefer to learn in other ways (such as through videos and podcasts) i have a page of resources for borderline personality disorder with a whole heap of helpful links. everything can start to click in place and you feel less overwhelmed because you can now understand why you feel and act in a certain way. for this reason, there are times when self care for bpd may look a little different to what you imagine self care to be like. while these self care ideas may sound boring, completing these subtle acts of self care can make you feel accomplished and like you’ve “got your shit together”.

remember that anger is a healthy emotion to experience, and there are ways to express that you feel angry without being “explosive”. another top tip is to communicate to loved ones that you find this helpful. practicing self reflection regularly can help you get to know your triggers and have more control over how you react to them. i find writing my feelings down really helps me to gain a different perspective and make sense of what’s going on for me when i feel overwhelmed. i’m glad you found your way to my article and i hope that it can provide you with some helpful tools to get through the frustrating times.

try to get enough sleep. sleep can help give you the energy to cope with difficult feelings and experiences. think about your diet. try to do some physical using stress-reduction techniques, like deep breathing or meditation engaging in light exercise, like walking or yoga distracting yourself meditation, like mindfulness, can be incredibly helpful to someone with borderline personality disorder. indeed, meditation and mindfulness, borderline personality disorder self help worksheets, things bpd say, things bpd say, bpd self help reddit, bpd self-help books.

confide in someone you trust and ask for help; identify your self-harm triggers and become aware the urge emerges; identify effective distractions:. self-help tip 1: calm the emotional storm. as someone with bpd, you’ve probably spent a lot of time fighting your impulses and emotions, so acceptance can be a self-care for borderline personality disorder work with your treatment provider (and partner or family, if appropriate) to make a plan to manage your bpd., bpd coping skills pdf, i cured my borderline personality disorder, how to deal with borderline personality disorder girlfriend, bpd test.

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