chair yoga for seniors

if you have never experienced the benefits of chair yoga for seniors, you’re in for a treat! in fact, i would argue that chair yoga was one of the main catalysts for my eventual return to lifting weights, doing cardio and taking group yoga classes. here are a few of the many benefits that chair yoga offers to seniors: few people stop to think about the fact that relaxation is a skill. there are hundreds of excuses that we give ourselves when it comes to starting an exercise program – even one as easy and gentle as chair yoga. chair yoga is also a great way to reconnect with your body and calm your mind. instead of quitting, as i might have done in the past, i decided to switch to chair yoga classes. some senior centres also offer chair yoga, so if you want to participate with friends, have a look at what is offered in your local community.

if you are already sitting, why not add a little chair yoga to your daily routine? permit the top of your head to point toward the ceiling. when the rhythm of your breath has slowed down, you are ready to begin stretching. at the same time that you do this, shift your legs to the left. if you want to take this stretch deeper, exhale and fold your torso forward over your leg, keeping your buttocks to remain planted on the chair seat. think of your breathing as a massage mechanism to loosen the muscles resisting this stretch. your internal sense of equilibrium will feel re-calibrated back to a sense of greater calm and balance. do you have a favourite chair yoga instructor?

you will get a full chair yoga routine with detailed descriptions of the poses to get you started. if you would like to join a senior chair yoga class, you can check with the senior centers in your community. you can use the blanket to sit on to make the chair more comfortable. using a couple of minutes to become aware of your breath and to ground yourself. release your diaphragm and let your abdomen fall on the exhale. on your exhale, bend to the right. on your inhale, cactus your arms or reach out to each side in a t-shape. on your exhale, move your nose to the right, and look to the right. cactus your arms out to the sides.

place your hands on the chair, and walk your feet back until your back is straight. or you can try to straighten your legs, still holding on to the backs of your thighs. you have the option to reach your arms to the sky. you can place the back of your hands together. sit on your chair with your sitting bones towards the outer edge. on your exhale, see if you can release the tension in your right hip and let the knee sink deeper out to the side. bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall out to the sides. exhale and bring your right foot back to the ground. place your palms face down on the chair in front of you or let your fingertips come to the floor in front of you. remember to start slow and check with your doctor first if you have health issues.

the benefits of chair yoga for older adults includes loosening and stretching painful muscles, reducing chronic pain, decreasing stress, and improving gentle chair yoga seated twist raise the heels of your feet but permit your toes to remain on the floor (or on your block/book). bring your bring your right leg and foot towards the right side of the chair and turn your torso. grab onto the chair for support. straighten your left leg, chair yoga for beginners, chair yoga for beginners, chair yoga near me, chair yoga youtube, chair yoga exercises.

chair yoga, or “yoga while seated,” allows anyone to experience all of the benefits of an exercise program without being afraid. in chair yoga for seniors,, what is chair yoga.

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