christian yoga

yoga is simply defined as a union, to unite or to yoke. however, yoga is not a religion in and of itself, nor do you have to be religious to practice yoga. other religions have done the same thing, however, because hinduism is  the most popular religious group to incorporate and use yoga, many believe that yoga is hinduism,  and that you have to worship other gods or believe other philosophies in order to practice yoga. colossians 3:23 reads, “whatever you do, do from the heart, as for the lord and not for others.” christians, no matter what we choose to do to honor our “temple,” do it all for the glory of god.

if you believe that god created the heavens, the earth and everything above and below, then you would believe that yoga is a gift from god. it is a mind, body, and spirit practice, whether you are or are not religious or spiritual, you can practice the wonderful and ancient gift of yoga. acts 17:28. to experience the holy spirit and  the powerful presence of god while you surrender and move in him is very difficult to describe. you do not have to be brazilian to do zumba, you do not have to be buddhist to practice martial  arts,  and you do not have to be hindu or any other religion to practice yoga. when was the last time that you created a space and time to simply be still?

the christianization of yoga is not new. despite this, christian yoga is taking many forms in different parts of the world. many forms of christian yoga assign christian terms and prayers to certain yoga postures or sequences and replace south asian imagery, such as the popular “om” symbol, with christian imagery, such as the cross.

indian catholic priest joseph pereira has written about christian yoga and teaches yoga for the practice of christian meditation to indian audiences. one public campaign is based on the argument that christians have been duped into thinking yoga is merely a consumer product and warns that yoga is essentially hindu. the argument that christian yoga is not real yoga, in my view, assumes that yoga is or has been a static tradition that has always featured hindu symbols, practices and ideas. this is the problem with the question of whether or not christian yoga is real yoga – there has never been one real yoga.

there is a myth that christians cannot practice yoga or that you must be hindu or buddhist to practice yoga. the truth is that yoga predates there are now christian yoga brands founded by protestant christians, such as yahweh yoga and christ centered yoga. the website for holy yoga, “‘christian yoga’ is an oxymoron. yoga is rooted in hinduism and cannot be separated from it,” he says. “there’s nothing wrong with stretching and calming down, .

christian yogis may find, however, that yoga changes their beliefs. holy yoga has certified over 1,700 christian instructors. certified instructors learn and teach that u201cjesus the word of godu201d u201cis the vibrationu201d god used in speaking the universe into creation. can christians do yoga? so i’d say the answer to “can christians practice yoga?” is …. there is a creator and his creation. if you want to follow jesus and but some devout christians are uncomfortable with yoga’s eastern roots, and its association with hinduism. holy yoga, and other “christ-centered in today’s western world, the practice of christian yoga developed into holistic forms of worship, with practices of the mind, body, spirit and, .

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