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have you been struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get back to sleep? are you not able to calm your thoughts? studies show that people with better sleep patterns are able to concentrate better throughout the day. sleep makes us better listeners.

while not a root cause, poor sleep can make depression even more difficult. believe it or not sleep can actually help our metabolism. i’m listening to it everyday before going to sleep and i noticed that every morning when i wake up i feel positive and motivated to be my best self.” “this is a life changing program! this program makes me feel like it is customized for me. i listen to it again and again.” get access to your completely free 5 guided meditations specifically created by me to ensure you get a great nights sleep.

and it all just went like that and two years later i was in a monastery with a shaved head.” – cory muscara “when you get somebody that wakes up in the morning and is like, ‘alright, it was 20 minutes? he doesn’t have a book that i could read or anything like that, so i didn’t really know what to expect, and i was so impressed by this guy. i started getting interested in what’s going on with this meditation thing, but i was an economics major, and this was in college when i was getting involved, so nobody in the economics department was talking about anything to do with meditation. that’s not the first thing that was coming, a lot of it was just like, “well i want to have a family. i got very interested in what is the possibility of cultivating a contentment that did not derive from external factors. not that he ever totally shied away from that, but in the beginning, you couldn’t be talking about dharma buddhism in the late seventies and expect people to be receptive to it in healthcare. i want to do something that is going to take me to the heart of this practice. i wanted to cry, i just wanted this to be hard, and i said, “can i find a peace in some form of pain and suffering?” cory: that’s right, that’s right. so i came into the meeting the next day, and you have to do this bowing thing, bow down and report what’s going on in your practice, and at the end of that five-minute meeting, he said, “sayadaw u pandita came to your room the other day and he saw you reading. i wouldn’t be able to … if i were teaching three-month retreats, that would be amazing, and my heart is in that as well, but 90 percent of the people that i teach have no interest in that whatsoever.

i will share one experience that happened around the five and a half month mark, right before i was about to leave. but it was a radical experience and transformed me moving forward, how i see myself, how i see the world, in that space of communion, non-duality, there was just this innate sense of compassion and care. part of it was i did want to make sure my resume was good, but the majority of it is i was fascinated by this stuff and all of the different ways that these different teachers were teaching it. you can make the argument that going away for 10 years and living in a cave is going to be the most beneficial if you’re on the path to enlightenment. even though you can tell people, “you don’t need to do this for an hour a day,” you still have this feeling like, “(sigh) 20 minutes, 30 minutes …” so if you wake up in the morning and the thought is, “oh, i have to do 20 minutes of meditation a day,” if you came right off of a workshop or a retreat and you’re really inspired, you’re probably going to do that 20 minutes. so with that, it’s hard to argue yourself out of it, and now when you get somebody that wakes up in the morning and is like, “alright, it was 20 minutes? it can also speak to a fear of seeing what’s there, what i refer to as the pandora’s box issue, that if i look, i’m going to see all of my trauma, all of my ugliness, the whole mess. i see this with a lot of people, particularly people in the helping professions. i think we’re just scratching the surface of getting into business, so that’s going to continue to grow. dan: so i think hype cycles are a good way to pan back the camera and think about this from a more geologic perspective because i do think we’re going to see a lot of that. so if you’re nearby, it’d be great to have you, and if not you could come by for a retreat.

cory muscara is a former monk, mindfulness advisor for the dr. oz show, and bestselling it will include a meditation, talk, q&a, and takeaway practices. if you are suffering from waking in the night, struggling to fall asleep or get out of bed then these easy to follow guided meditations are for you. in 2012, cory spent 6 months in silence living as a monk in burma, practicing meditation 14+ hours each day. his teachings stem from a deep passion for, cory muscara wife, cory muscara wife, is cory muscara married, cory muscara wiki, cory muscara bio.

named by dr. oz as one of the nation’s leading experts in mindfulness, my meditations have been downloaded more than 20 million times in over 100 countries, and more from cory muscara. 00:14. and…and this is a big and meditation 10 mins. imaginary sleep world. cory muscara. in this sleep meditation, we will go to our imaginary “sleepy place” to help us feel safe and, cory muscara birthday, cory muscara net worth, cory muscara age, cory muscara sleep meditation.

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