couples meditation

we can simply meditate alone to create conditions in the mind that give us the optimal chance to relate to our partner in happy and healthy ways. however we choose to do it, the purpose of a couples meditation is to focus on the other person so that each partner can nurture and deepen their connection, as well as foster a kinder mind toward one another. being kind to others can only happen if we are first kind to ourselves — and meditation can certainly help with that.

when we’re more compassionate with ourselves, we are more forgiving of others and have the capacity to give them the space and understanding to let them be who they truly are. meditation also helps us cultivate an attitude of openness so that we can be less judgmental of our own thoughts and of the thoughts and actions of others. “if we can start approaching our own thoughts and feelings with that same soft and gentle approach, then all of a sudden meditation starts to flow and feel so much easier.” it may seem a bit strange that a couples meditation should start by focusing on ourselves. but it makes sense when you think about it — by cultivating a sense of kindness and love in our own minds, we’re more likely to be able to share that with our partner.

best couples meditation exercises ; set the room so it’s romantic. sit together in the middle of the room. take ten mindful breaths to relax. meditation trains the mind to be fully present in the moment, at ease, and without distraction — all qualities that can help us feel more connected as a couple, according to the site mindful couples, “couple meditation is one of the most effective tools to help people in a relationship keep their, .

meditating is a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship. one of the reasons it’s such a great tool for couples is because meditation is but, many experts are saying meditating as a couple can be a very selfless and vulnerable experience that can help make your relationship “meditation helps to create a deep and profound connection with ourselves and access experiences like joy, peace, love, and compassion. if we, .

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