daily spiritual practices

and if i titled this blog post: your spiritual practice: why it’s important, it might have felt like homework. a finger wag. my thought is – if i let you know what i do daily, it takes the mystery out of it and makes it more real in your heart and in your life. i change the order, the elements, i change the length of time. lastly, i’m an author and spiritual teacher so floating around in the world of spiritual practices is my work and my play. 3 – inspirational reading: i find that reading a few pages of sacred text holds my thoughts of planning at bay and keeps me in the spirit-driven holiness of the morning. 4 – daybook reading: yes, i read every day spirit along with you, and contemplate the message of the day. 5 – meditation: i use a simple meditation technique focused on the breath, followed by pranayama (breath work) and a chakra blessing. i include all of the members of my spiritual a-team (may 5th in the daybook), as i imagine a joyful day of co-creation.

i bless our earth and all beings. i recite the prayer, “this glorious day.” 7 – gratitude journaling: i write the gratitudes that flow into my soul, sometimes leaving a space or two for later in the day. 8 – gratitude in advance journaling: i copy a list of affirmations that give thanks for blessings that are yet to unfold. 9 – i walk on the beach. sometimes i do this first and catch the sunrise over the ocean. i pray. i get my feet in the water. i talk to the birds. like the beach walks, it’s done in the spirit of prayer and devotion.

since these questions are so common, today’s post explores the idea of daily rituals and practices for druids:  i’ll share how to begin and some considerations and also share a number of examples of daily or regular practices that you can do to deepen our druid path. one of the best things you can do is to find a way to engage in regular practices and ritual work, to provide some consistency and forward momentum to what you are doing. my suggestion here is to have a basic practice that you can do regardless of whether you are in your normal routine, are traveling, have house guests, or whatever else it may be. if this is the case for you, you can do one set of practices in the morning and another in the evening. one of the things i see new druids do is use their enthusiasm and excitement to build in a ton of practices that they can’t necessarily sustain once that initial enthusiasm is over. remember that daily rituals don’t have to be formal–they can be simply time spent in nature, a quiet cup of tea with the moon, anything that helps you with your own spiritual practice.

you can get or make a moon calendar (my moon calendar is wood burned and in the pa dutch tradition). if you have an excess of nervous energy, place your front to the tree and allow it to subside. another really great way to honor the changing of the seasons and to connect with nature is the practice of the druid’s anchor spot. in conclusion, i also want to remind you that in addition to daily work, you might have seasonal work that varies by the season–you can read all about that here. what i do as a daily ritual is the obod sacred grove visualisation and the light body exercise. aoda helps you wildcraft your druidry, connect and reciprocate with the living earth, and develop a personal nature spiritual practice.

simply said, a daily spiritual practice is a routine of things that you do every day in service of your personal evolution. your spiritual practice is your calm, your self-care, your kindness and love of others. your spiritual practice is your connection to the divine establishing a daily spiritual practice helps to reinforce our awareness of spirit, god, the universe – whatever you choose to call it – in our day-to-day, spiritual practices list, spiritual practices list, daily spiritual practice planner, how to practice spirituality without religion, powerful spiritual practices.

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