Employee development plan template

Employee development plan template is a sample development plan template that shows the process, procedure and methods of identifying the employee needs and skill gap. A well defined employee development plan sample can help business and employees to improve work efficiency and effectiveness.


Employee Development Plan Outline

Employee development plan need to have clear development objectives. In formulating the development objectives, you need to assess the business needs and capabilities. The business can begin by assessing the current status of the company how it does, what it does best and the abilities of your employees to do these tasks. This analysis will provide some benchmarks against which the effectiveness of a development program can be evaluated.

Employee development plan need to identify the needs of employees. You can get the information through survey, observation or interviews. After you have identified the needs and desire of employees, you can determine exactly where training is needed. It is foolish to implement a company-wide training effort without concentrating resources where they are needed most. The information gathered about the employee skills can help the organization determine what skills are available now and what skills are needed for future development.

Employee Development Plan Template Design

There is free development plan template you can download for reference, however, you may design you own sample employee development plan template for your own situation using Word or Excel. During the development process, it is important to consider the employee development plan format, employee development plan layout and employee development layout.

The first key part in employee development plan template is the employee information. In the section, you need to show basic information about the employee. For example, The Employee Name:__; The Employee Position:__; The Employee Department:___.

The second key part in employee development plan sample is the employee skills assessment. In the section, you need to assessment of current skills of employee. The Employee Skills:___(Show the employee skills, knowledge) Skills Rating:__; Development Aspirations:___(For each knowledge and skill, state in detail what the skills the employee need to develop).

The last key part in employee development plan example is the detail action plan. In the section, you may include the detail program and improvement plan for employee skills enhancement. For example, The Development program:___; The Development Course:___(Show the methods of development).