Employee Performance Plan Development

There can be times in life, when an employee performance plan is necessary. There can be many different reasons for this. It could be that a employee performance plan is needed when someone new is hired, and performance plans can also be needed when what is expected from employees falls below expectations.


Objectives of an employee performance plan

The whole purpose and reasoning for an employee performance plan is for the company to have a chance to fix performance problems that are occurring on the job, by using a coordinated method. These methods include the guidance of supervisors and constant monitoring to make sure progress is happening. At times employee performance plans can be the last chance an employee has to make their performance better, before they are terminated, so these plans must be handled with structure and proper guidance.

Creating a employee performance plan

One of the first things to do when creating a employee performance plan is to first evaluate the performance appraisal for the employee during the timeframe the performance plan is going to be used. The performance standards need to be listed, so the employee will know when their performance falls below standards and expectations. When going over areas where the improvement is needed start, it is good to start with the most important elements first. Then move on to the minor things that need fixing.

When assisting the employee with the performance plan, it is helpful to discuss what strengths the current employee has. It is good to tell them how to use these strengths to their advantage, to help them with where their performance needs to improve.

While this process is going on, it is helpful to document the progress of the employee and how they progressing and also get feedback to see if the plan appears to be working. Supervisor or manager recommendations should also be documented. All of problems need to be listed, and what actions are being taken to fix the problems. Also schedule checkpoints to monitor the progress. For example if the performance plan is for 60 days, maybe there could be a meeting once a week to discuss the performance.

Monitoring The Performance Plan

One of the key elements to improve the effectiveness of the performance plan is to track, monitor and reward. Once everything is done and put together, then there just has to be some rules established. For instance if certain goals are not met, it needs to be known what the consequences are for not meeting the goals set in the performance plan. The employees and managers agree to it, with a signature and now we have a employee performance plan ready to put it in place.