guided buddhist meditation

for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on javascript in your browser. with consistent practice, the practitioner’s comprehension and experience deepens, while the words used to spark meditation sessions remain the same. perfect for both the inexperienced and advanced practitioner, this program supports the listener in beginning, continuing, and deepening a daily meditation practice. you can also go to soundcloud directly and download all the tracks to your device or computer. introduction (6:44) a2. meditation on the buddha (37:42) a3. dedication (2:46) introduction to the buddhist view b1. mind is the source of happiness and pain (10:33) b2. the nature of mind (14:34) b5. the four noble truths (17:22) b7. the three characteristics (20:41) the path in common with the initial level practitioner c1. the purpose and opportunity of a precious human life (14:49) c3. the nine-point death meditation (34:16) d2.

imagining our death (21:29) d3. the ten destructive actions (25:05) d6. the results of karma (28:29) d8. the eight sufferings of human beings (20:13) e2. the causes of cyclic existence (38:27) e4. factors that stimulate the arising of mental afflictions (17:33) e5. seeing all sentient beings as having been our parents (20:54) f3. the kindness of others (14:30) f4. the advantages of cherishing others (13:46) f7. taking and giving, the great resolve, and the altruistic intention (bodhicitta) (18:12) g1. far-reaching patience: the disadvantages of anger (14:33) g4. far-reaching patience: the antidotes to anger (19:10) g5. far-reaching concentration (12:03) g7. how to rely on a spiritual mentor (30:01) please note: some meditations which are on one track on the audio recording are divided into two or more meditations in the chapter, “lamrim meditation outlines.” these audio files accompany the book guided buddhist meditations, copyright © 2007 by thubten chodron, published by snow lion, an imprint of shambhala publications.

“for busy practitioners, the lamrim gives a concise and easily graspable picture of the buddhist path. best-selling author thubten chodron has a unique ability to present these teachings. this audio program presents over fourteen hours of guided meditations, accompanied by personal guidance that will be especially useful for those with limited listen online to 8637 free guided meditations, talks and music on buddhism. delve into thousands of buddhist meditation. practice to see the true nature and also see the introduction to meditation category if you are new to buddhist meditation. instructions on how to prepare for a meditation session and, .

i have recorded several guided meditations to help you with your meditation practice, buddhism guide meditations morning meditation with yeshe rabgye listen to guided buddhist meditations, a playlist curated by shambhala publications on desktop and mobile. guided modern buddhism meditation classes with buddhist monk gen samten kelsang, great for beginners. join live stream via zoom or attend in person at, .

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