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arguably the most crucial reason for meditating when you study is that it improves your focus. this will increase your concentration according to research from henrique adam pasquini published in the journal biomed research international in 2015. probably the worst thing about exams is stress. when you start to feel stressed while studying, stop and take 108 breaths through your nose while meditating on the movement of your breath around your body. but perhaps you wonder if you are intelligent enough to score in the top percentile of students. massachusetts general hospital, harvard medical school, 2012] you may have heard that mindfulness is good for your health and that people who practice it are happier than the average person. and you will improve your exam results too.

research by the norwegian university of science and technology [2010] shows that meditation increases alpha brainwaves in the posterior parts of the brain. plus, meditation before study empties your mind of all that noise, the thoughts, and the anxieties, so you can concentrate. [1] mind-wandering is one of the primary problems you might have experienced when you’re preparing for exams. but research from the university of california shows that meditating stops your mind from wandering when you’re revising. the results showed that those students who had practised mindfulness meditation before studying had less mind-wandering (or “monkey mind”). it also stimulates the hippocampus and frontal lobe, which are imperative for learning. study: meditating can help you focus and keep your brain young  /2018/04/06/study-meditating-can-help-you-focus-and-keep-your-brain-young.html  paul harrison is a passionate meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation.

regardless of age and lifestyle, it’s a practice with proving benefits for mood, health and most relevant now– study. we’ve delved a little bit into how mediation for studying works and why it could change the way you look at studying – and it’s a technique for you to carry forward into other areas. instead of feeling anxious and with a low mood – you want to be feeling fulfilled and confident before and after your study session. you can start with five minutes as you get used to emptying your mind and focusing on your breathing. and then work up. the time of day you choose is important. set a timer for yourself. bare feet are best to help with energy flow.

you head and neck should be in line with your spine. place your hands one on top of the other and rest on your legs or knees. close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing. so it’s fine if you don’t focus 100% on the first few tries. step 4: as you prepare to finish your  meditation session, don’t suddenly jump up and on to the next part of your day – slowly take in your surroundings and let yourself reboot. want to read similar blogs focusing on wellbeing and mindfulness? you can read our blogs wellbeing apps for students and improve and maintain your mental wellbeing to become more ‘environmentally friendly’, host is launching the #hostenvironmentalpledge campaign to encourage responsible behaviour and drive sustainability across our sites throughout the uk and ireland. exams are done, school’s out, and the sun’s shining.

you can practice a guided meditation for studying for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or 20 minutes. if you notice that you don’t feel a sense fo calm during a short meditating for up to five, ten or even twenty minutes before studying allows you to calm your mind. you can start with five minutes as you get used to emptying guided meditation for studying because of the way this guided meditation is sequenced you can refer to it again and again. you can learn to relax, concentrate, meditation before studying, meditation before studying, guided meditation for memory, meditation for focus and concentration, meditation for concentration and memory.

science is showing that meditation is very deserving of its newfound one study, for example, pitted mindfulness training against the think of this month’s featured collection as your very own study buddy. walking in nature — nothing like nature (and a guided meditation) to bring, best meditation for focus and concentration, mindfulness meditation.

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