help your self

you can also call the lifeline at any time to speak to someone and get support. for confidential support available 24/7 for everyone in the united states, call 1-800-273-8255. speaking to someone, whether by going to a therapist or by attending a support group, can help you feel better and improve your mental health. those you choose to confide in can provide encouragement and help you through a crisis. you are part of a larger whole, and you matter. social media is a place to share how you’re feeling and hear the stories of others who have felt the same. connecting to people through technology may help you remember that you are not alone, and you may find others with similar interests. it’s important to find the people in your life that you can always confide in, feel comfortable around, and can contact at any time.

leaning on your support network can help you cope during difficult moments and is an important step in getting help and moving forward. reach out to people you trust who have the ability to be sympathetic and non-judgmental. keep in mind that the advice and support of others come from a good place. the people in your support network will stick with you through thick and thin, but it’s also important to remember that friendships and relationships are a two-way street. as you continue through the steps, you can get help and feel safer. keep your plan easily accessible in case you have thoughts of hurting yourself. the holiday season can be a difficult and stressful time for many. that’s why it’s so important to stop and listen to your own needs, too.

rip, amytrack called “help yourself” off amy’s debut “help yourself” is a song recorded by welsh singer tom jones in 1968. the song is one of jones’ best known songs and reached number five in the uk singles definition of help yourself (phrase): giving permission to do or use something., .

help yourself (to something)help yourself (to something) a) to take some of what you want, without asking permission – used especially when offering food to filled with his own history, as well as the personal struggles of others who have learned how to turn adversity into triumph, help yourself is a rousing call to how can you help yourself? healing, hope and help can happen. here are some ways to help you get through a crisis. find a therapist/support group, .

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