jhana meditation

as you pass through the jhanas, you stair-step your way to deeper and deeper levels of concentration—that is, you become less and less likely to become distracted. they are simply a way of preparing your mind so you can more effectively examine reality and discover the deeper truths that lead to liberation. you notice the breath until you arrive at and sustain access concentration, then you let go of the breath and shift your attention to a pleasant sensation, preferably a physical one. just shift your attention to the pleasantness of that sensation. and if you can remain undistractedly focused on this experience of piti and sukha, that is the first jhana. or you might put your attention on the pleasant sensation and it starts to increase, so you think, “oh! you have to become a being that is simply focused on a pleasant sensation, and then the jhana comes all on its own.

as stated earlier, when you move from access concentration to the first jhana, you’re shifting your attention to a pleasant sensation and staying with that as your object of attention, ignoring any background thinking. as mentioned above, you may also find that there is a bit of thinking going on in the background. if the piti is not so strong, you might want to stay there five to ten minutes. piti can manifest as rocking or swaying, or it can be intense so that you are actually vibrating to the point where it is visible to others. here, it is used to grab your attention and take you into a concentrated state. all you can do is generate the conditions out of which the jhanas can arise. you may very well know us as the publishers of two buddhist magazines, the shambhala sun and buddhadharma.

meditation teacher and political columnist jay michaelson explains how jhana meditation is a transformative and vital part of the eightfold path. the second jhana, for example, is often described as “gaining of inner stillness and oneness of mind . commentaries, especially the fifth-century visuddhimagga, said that for jhana to be real, it has to be a wholly immersive and absorptive mind state. why would the buddha say that jhana is essential and that the path is accessible to anyone, and then prescribe a practice that is inaccessible to all but a few?

which is the second reason why it’s a shame to jettison jhana: because jhana is good for you. in one famous tibetan analogy, building concentration is like sharpening the sword that cuts off the head of delusion. cultivating jhana really is different from mindfulness and other popular forms of meditation; it inclines the mind differently, builds different skills, yields different fruit. leigh brasington authorized me to teach jhana in the lineage of his teacher, the ven. in my experience, jhana meditation can lead to transformative experiences, aid in the work of insight, add variety to meditation practice, and provide valuable tools for modern life.

in the oldest texts of buddhism, dhyu0101na or jhu0101na is a component of the training of the mind, commonly translated as meditation, to withdraw the mind from the automatic responses to sense-impressions, and leading to a “state of perfect equanimity and awareness.” the word “jhana” literally means “meditation”; it comes from the verb jhayati, which means “to meditate.” many times, the buddha would give meditation teacher and political columnist jay michaelson explains how jhana meditation is a transformative and vital part of the eightfold path the modern insight meditation tradition, which really dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, regarded jhana as being mystical and, .

centering prayer mantram yogic meditation zazen dhyana vipassana “mindfulness” meditation metta “lovingkindness” meditation dhikr dhyāna (sanskrit: ध्यान) or jhāna (pāḷi: झान) is a component of the training of the mind (bhavana), commonly translated as meditation, in the vocabulary of buddhist meditation the word “jhana” is closely connected with another word, “samadhi” generally rendered by “concentration.” samadhi, .

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