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as yoga continued to be refined, developed and studied, it became more diverse in the types and philosophies of the practice. it can be difficult to grasp or comprehend the intellectual approach of jnana yoga, and since one can easily overemphasize intellectual attainment it is important to cultivate humility and compassion on this path. jnana yoga is a complex and difficult set of practices that can be explored and practiced in great depth. i think you are referring to the concept of maya. the key for me is to take medication that allow me to practice this type of yoga in a very centered grounded space. the journey of no distance that we all share, to awakening, is a gradual one, and it is best to be gentle on oneself. by grace that led to self-inquiry and the discovery of the delusion of ego that was the root cause of suffering and is now leading more formally to the jnana yoga path.

namaste there is a bit of truth to all that has been said here. there are a few exceptions to this in that non verbal techniques, which would include exercise such as taught in hatha yoga, can be helpful from time to time with very damaged souls depending on how much is done, how its done, and how intensely it is done and for how long a period of time. i have a lot to learn and blessed to have stumbled upon this article and the replies. my spirit is what observed the brokenness of my delusional mind and kept me safe until i got treated. as we live more in the present and gently draw our mind into the present the subconscious control of our past becomes less, it is a lifetime practice. try being nonjudgmental of self and others, non-striving, patient, observe your thoughts as solid and fleeting, draw yourself gently back into the present, the subconscious is strong so in order to re-wire the brain you must practice. loves, veronica in my understanding, a cornerstone of this branch of yoga is the seminal discourse by the venerated sage vashishta to rama. raja … but when you get down to it .. if you can handle it .. fantastic article very helpful and inspiring helped me understanding the importance of yoga and what i need to do to achieve my goal disclosure: yogabasics.com participates in several affiliate programs.

jnana yoga is the yoga of knowledge—not knowledge in the intellectual sense—but the knowledge of brahman and atman and the realization of their unity. the distinction here is in spiritual practice: while all vedantins are philosophically monistic, in practice those who are devotees of god prefer to think of god as distinct from themselves in order to enjoy the sweetness of a relationship. what is it that prevents us from knowing our real nature and the nature of the world around us? jnana yoga is the process of directly rending that veil, tearing it through a two-pronged approach. are we saying that the universe that we apprehend is unreal? to go back to our earlier reference to the rope and the snake: the rope, i.e., brahman, is perceived to be the snake, i.e., the universe as we perceive it. while we are seeing the snake as a snake, it has a conditional reality.

similarly, whatever we take in through our senses, our minds, our intellects, is inherently restricted by the very nature of our bodies and minds. brahman must be beyond what the normal mind can comprehend; as the upanishads declare, brahman is “beyond the reach of speech and mind.” yet what we perceive can be no other than brahman. in self-affirmation we continually affirm what is real about ourselves: we are not limited to a small physical body; we are not limited by our individual minds. we are pure, perfect, eternal and free. that is the greatest truth of our being. it is the worst poison we can ingest. as we have drummed the wrong thoughts into our minds again and again to create the wrong impressions, so we must reverse the process by drumming into our brains the right thoughts—thoughts of purity, thoughts of strength, thoughts of truth. all this time i have been duped by illusion.” jnana yoga uses our considerable mental powers to end the duping process, to know that we are even now—and have always been—free, perfect, infinite, and immortal.

jxf1u0101na yoga, also known as jxf1u0101na mu0101rga, is one of the three classical paths for moksha in hinduism, which emphasizes the “path of knowledge”, also known as the “path of self-realization”. the other two are karma yoga and bhakti yoga. jnana is sanskrit for “knowledge or wisdom” and jnana yoga is the path of attaining knowledge of the true nature of reality through the practice jñāna yoga, also known as jñāna mārga, is one of the three classical paths (margas) for moksha (liberation) in hinduism, which emphasizes the “path of jnana yoga is the yoga of knowledge—not knowledge in the intellectual sense—but the knowledge of brahman and atman and the realization of their unity., .

jnana yoga is one of the four classical schools of yoga, alongside bhakti (devotion), karma (action) and raja (meditation), each offering a jnana yoga is the path of ‘doubt-free intellectual knowledge.’ it is the study of the texts of self-realization and a deep inquiry into the nature of who we jnana yoga involves study of the scriptures, meditation, and self study via the contemplation of questions such as “who am i?” to transcend the ego-mind and, .

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