Leadership development plan template

Leadership development plan template is a sample document that shows the process, procedure and program to cultivate or improve leadership skills. A well defined leadership development plan sample can help both business and professionals to achieve management excellence in an efficient manner.


Leadership Development Plan Outline

Leadership development plan need to make distinction between management and leadership. Leadership and management are two terms that are often confused. Management is about coping with complexity. Good management brings about order and consistency by drawing up formal plans, designing rigid organization structures, and monitoring results against the plans. Leadership, in contrast, is about coping with change. Leaders establish direction by developing a vision of the future; then they align people by communicating this vision and inspiring them to overcome hurdles.

Leadership development plan need to understand the key characteristics of effective leadership style. Studies shows that extroversion is the most important trait of effective leaders. However, extroversion is more strongly related to leader emergence than to leader effectiveness. Conscientiousness and openness to experience also showed strong and consistent relationships to leadership, the traits of agreeableness and emotional stability weren’t as strongly correlated with leadership. Leader who are extroverted,conscientious, and open do seem to have an advantage when it comes to leadership, suggesting that good leaders do have key traits in common.

Leadership Development Plan Template Design

There is free development plan example you can download for reference, however, you may design your own sample leadership development plan template based on your own situation and needs. During the development process, it is important to consider the leadership development plan format, leadership development plan layout and leadership development plan outline.

The first key part in leadership development plan template is the background information and development objectives. In the section, you need to show the detail information about the target person. For example, the Person Name:___; The Person Current Position:__; The leadership development objectives:__.

The second key part in leadership development plan sample is leadership skills assessment. In the section, you need to give an analysis of the leadership skills and leadership style of the target person and indicate the gap and improvement that need to be done. For example, the current leadership skills:___; The leadership type:__(Whether it is a transactional or transformational); The leadership skills gap:___.

The last key part in leadership development plan example is the action plan. In the section, you need to show the detail plan for enhancing the leadership skills. For example, The leadership development activities:___; The leadership development program:___; The leadership development training:___.