meditation and stretching

and when it comes to our bodies, a stretching routine is a great place to start. these in-app exercises help to harmonize our bodies and minds. on the headspace app, leon, a former olympic diver, also offers guided stretching advice for mobility, stability, and strength. combining physical and mental exercises throughout our daily lives can be mutually beneficial, and this is what move mode is all about. but when you combine the two and bring awareness to your body as you work on your fitness, you become mentally connected to your physical movement, making your workout more efficient.

it also helps to decrease heart rate and meditation training can cause a 40 percent reduction in pain intensity. our mental intention and the awareness we bring to it impacts how effective our exercise will be. whether it’s recovery between workouts or exercises, an awareness of our physical and mental well-being during this downtime is important to improve the performance of our body and mind. but as with all exercises of the body and mind, a regular, consistent practice is how to best reap the benefits. as you age, your joints become less flexible, and there are lots of stretching exercises for seniors to practice at home. there are move mode mindful workouts and hundreds of guided meditations to help harmonize our body and mind and keep us focused before, during and after exercise and throughout our daily lives.

by meditating on a regular basis, we give ourselves permission to be excused from the weight of all that would keep us from being our best selves. in my experience, having a regular practice of meditation connects us to all that is possible in our world. having a routine of meditation can have lasting effects of tranquility and balance—and our clients deserve a massage therapist who is mindful of what is required to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. massage therapists can practice the art of breathing as a way of centering themselves and decompressing from the stress of everyday life.

developing a time and place dedicated to a regular program of stretching must not be overlooked if you wish to extend the life of your career, counterbalance the aging process and avoid injury. while the aging process is inherent to everyone, developing a regular habit of stretching can help us avoid stiffness and injury. as massage therapists, our schedule will dictate whether or not we are successful, and so it is a choice of ours to incorporate the health-promoting practices of meditation, breathing and stretching. insurance plus is included as a member benefit of protection plan association, inc., an association for health, wellness and beauty professionals and students created for the purpose of providing valuable and important benefits and services to its members.

meditation and mindfulness are an effective way to help keep our minds healthy. and when it comes to our bodies, a stretching routine is a great place to start. maintaining a regular stretching program can keep muscles limber. stretching allows blood flow to circulate through tight muscles, surrounding everyone knows the traditional kneeling lunge. put your back knee on the ground with your shin flat and toes facing behind you. your front foot is flat on the, .

stretching as a form of meditation. when my anxiety is high, i take deep breaths and reach for the sky. photo by alina vilchenko from pexels. stretch your arms straight up towards the ceiling. then, bend your knees so that they are directly over your toes and your thighs are parallel starting in a cross-legged seat, stretch your right arm out to the right side and wave your left arm overhead to the right. ground your hips, .

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