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we’ve all heard that mindfulness is a mental health holy grail- the answer to lack of focus, a ‘meh’ mood and even stress. the idea that you must meditate to be mindful is a mistranslation of eastern philosophies, he says. “time is the currency of life, so any way you can hack your day to become more aware of how you spend time can improve your relationship with it,” shojai adds. we tried it: “while the milk for my latte was frothing, i stretched out my shoulders, neck and arms. her complex writing is the opposite of the news items i usually skim on my phone in bed. better yet, it will encourage you to take a breath session (basically a mini-meditation) to stop that stress spiral in its tracks. to refocus myself on the present, i talked with my daughter and made a mental note to do this scan regularly before i get behind the wheel.” we tried it: “at work, a colleague was complaining about a pretty simple task.

her attitude didn’t change, but i didn’t let it tank mine.” a brief lock of eyes creates a subtle connection, anchoring you to the present – bonus if it’s with a stranger, since that requires more consciousness than doing so with a pal. but after work, i saw a mum trying to settle her daughter, who was dancing in the middle of the footpath. i was able to listen 100 per cent instead of deciding what i was going to say, so it was a lesson for my listening skills. this tip is a godsend since i often tend to be an impulse buyer.” we tried it: “i made an afternoon coffee run and paid for the person behind me in the drive-through line. best money spent.” check your schedule for non-essential stuff you can cut and tasks that can be delegated (such as a chore for your partner). i asked my friend to bring dessert, so instead of spending time baking, i relaxed on the couch. but i watched the lesson and now i can help her practice this week!

while living in a pandemic, it may feel like your work duties have supersized, you’re constantly washing dishes, the news is always disheartening, and your adrenaline is pumping nonstop. “morning is my favorite time to get my heart out,” says koya webb, a holistic health coach and the author of let your fears make you fierce (buy it, $16, amazon.com). “before you even get out of bed, write down what you feel in a journal, without overthinking it. anjali mudra is a great way to come back to yourself,” says ellen barrett, a yoga pro who leads her mindful movement studio online. for a quick mindfulness exercise, bring your hands in prayer at your heart, or just place one hand flat at the center of your chest. (related: how to practice mindfulness meditation anywhere) “create a sanctuary that is your special place — maybe a comfy chair or your bed,” says mallika chopra, a wellness expert and the author of just be you (buy it, $12, amazon.com). to put your phone aside, drink your tea, and consciously step away from all distractions.”

when you’re ready to step away from your laptop or you’re done with the work rush, sit on the floor. even doing a forward fold to touch the floor with your palms — or simply standing consciously — works as a mindfulness exercise. (you might want to add a grounding mat to your routine, as well.) the mindfulness exercise that acts as a mental palate cleanser? “we just need to let ourselves daydream,” she says. just like a healthy snack that keeps you from feeling hangry, a cozy moment will head off feeling overwhelmed, says carter. the key is to be serene and off screens.

we’ve all heard that mindfulness is a mental health holy grail- the answer to lack of focus, a ‘meh’ mood and even stress. micro mindfulness can help us to find the path from overstimulation to the present moment. it teaches us to focus on the small wonders of life. here are a few micro-practices you can embed into your day – whether it is at home or at work. remember that mindfulness practice is like mental fitness – it, what is mindfulness , what is mindfulness , what is mindfulness meditation?, mindful meditation, mindfulness for kids.

these micro-mindfulness exercises will help you instantly recenter. in less than five minutes, these mindfulness exercises will make you feel the key with a micro mindful moment is to observe, not judge, what you’re giving your attention to. you don’t need to tell yourself off for try a technique i call “micro meditations.” these are meditations that can be done several times a day for 1-3 minutes at a time. periodically, .

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