mindful movement healing trauma

trauma comes about in moments of intense pain, struggle for survival, or in close proximity to death or violence. as i write, we are entering the fifth month of a national pandemic that is wrecking our economy and disrupting millions of lives. things are coming up in our social groups, in our families, in our heads, and it’s all getting stirred up as we race into an unknown future with feelings of general consternation. everyone has their own way of coping with trauma and it will change throughout your life. if the trauma is something from your past, you may have to work through self-harming coping habits that you are leaning on. your skin is your largest organ — what is the temperature against your skin? now just wriggle your hips, ripple your spine, flex and point your feet, shrug your shoulders, lift your arms, turn your head. let ripples of movement run through your body.

it is your physical awareness of movement. there is no wrong way to breathe! breathe into your skin like you are a sponge, soak in the oxygen and let yourself sway. this is because a lot of “fitness exercise” continues to excite your already over-stimulated sympathetic nervous system. you don’t need to run from a burning building right now. there are ways to get exercise that lights up your parasympathetic nervous system and which helps bring your mind and body into harmony, sort of like moving meditations. some popular forms of exercise that have this benefit are; gyrotonic, tai chi, qi gong, and yoga. the goal isn’t to remove stress but to release yourself from a constant stress reaction. to truly move on in your life, keep returning to your presence.

when we experience big t and little t traumas, it patterns the body through a chain of systemic reactions. cortisol, a hormone triggered by the fight-or flight mechanism, is released into the body to help it prepare for action. therefore, even months or years after the event has taken place, if a similar sensation is felt or a memory of the accident arises the body may be triggered into the flight-or-fight response, starting the whole systemic reaction over again. when the body is constantly triggered, cortisol can build up or deplete over time, depending on an individual’s circumstances. in addition, the body may react as it did in the accident, shifting in ways to protect itself, perhaps tensing shoulders or stomach muscles. often, so much time has passed since the trauma that the individual is confused about the source of the pain and may find it difficult to alleviate the discomfort, perhaps masking symptoms with medication.

through guided movement, breath work, and meditation individuals are provided opportunities to explore what is arising in the body in a safe and supportive space. when sensations are met with curiosity rather than habitual reaction energetic patterns are fully acknowledged and traumatic imprints are released and re-patterned as the client develops a new, trusting relationship with the body. every student has the choice to participate in whatever way feels right. there are no demands to hold the pose for a certain length of time, to be in “perfect” alignment or twist into a pretzel. trauma informed movement is about developing a different relationship with your body with all of its unique qualities and developing an understanding that movement is a pathway of healing the mind and body. trauma informed yoga is about meeting you where you are at in each moment and giving you the choice about how and when to move your body.

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traumatic stress reactions are normal reactions to abnormal circumstances.” ~trauma-informed care in behavioral health service ncbi trauma comes about in movement is for everyone. discover your body’s most functional movements for health. how trauma impacts the mind keeping our body and minds active helps us move forward. staying immobile isn’t going to guide us into our healing place., trauma healing letting go love meditation, healing trauma meditation youtube.

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