mindfulness day

it is that ability of the mind to observe without criticism. it is psychologically impossible for us to objectively observe what is going on within us if we do not at the same time accept the occurrence of our various states of mind. it does not get hung up in what is perceived. mindfulness is nonconceptual awareness. it is not analysis that is based on reflection and memory. it is the observance of what is happening right now, in the present.

mindfulness is nonegotistic alertness. it is observing the passing flow of experience. it is watching the thing arising and passing away. the meditator who is developing mindfulness is not concerned with the external universe. it is just awareness. mindfulness is a presymbolic function. he is the author of eight mindful steps to happiness and mindfulness in plain english.

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mindfulness day—september 12—was created by the not-for-profit wisdom publications as a way to promote mindfulness and raise awareness about 1) mindful wakeup: start with a purpose 1. on waking, sit in your bed or a chair in a relaxed posture. 2. take three long, deep, nourishing mindfulness day is an emerging annual event, celebrated on september 12, on which day a variety of workshops and meditation groups are held with the intent, .

it’s almost here! mindfulness day is a day to re-commit to mindfulness, reflect on our intentions to be mindful, and maybe discover some new ways we can weave days of mindfulness take place every thursday and sunday during general retreat weeks. during the themed retreat weeks like june retreat and summer opening, the a meditation flash mob. photo by kenneth bok. each year on september 12 people around the world celebrate mindfulness day through workshops,, .

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