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we all have mornings where we hit snooze one too many times, the coffee spills on our white blouse and the traffic jam is extra annoying. but the difference between letting it all get to you and breezing through your day? words hold a lot of meaning, so imagine the power of saying something motivating to yourself each and every day. traditional mantra technique recommends 108 daily repetitions, but if mantras and meditation aren’t part of your life currently, i feel like it’s best to start with attainable goals and work your way up. you may feel ready for a new mantra after one week, or you may decide that a particular mantra is serving you well and keep repeating it for months or even a full year. i come back to it when i feel myself shutting down, closing off my heart, or doubting the powers of the universe. for example, below you will find “11 morning phrases to brighten your day.” easy, right?

mantras are really just phrases (or words) that spark a shift in our mind, and when we repeat them to ourselves, perhaps while meditating or perhaps while making your morning cup of coffee, it turns into what is referred to as a “mantra.” translated literally from sanskrit, “mantra” breaks down to “tools to free the mind.” at the end of the day, a mantra – or a phrase that you repeat frequently – is a very simple tool that helps with self-transformations, and in these instances below, they can train your mind to think more positively. it allows you to collect your scattered attention and divert it to something uplifting and empowering. if you’re reading this and you’re like, “yeah, i want to have the most perfect day today!” these mantras aren’t here for you to create a perfect day, they are here to help you have a more fulfilling and more positive day. the purpose of these mantras is to set yourself up to have a fulfilling day that feels satisfying, productive by your standards, and causes no harm. do me a favor and tag me (@tiffanynapper) if you post it on social media so i can see which mantra resonated with you and cheer you on! if uplifting words and support is something you need more of your in life and you’re a businesswomen, you need to know about the upleveler society, a membership filled with other women just like you looking for support and motivation while they uplevel their business and their life. we’d love to have you!

the only real criteria for a solid mantra is that it revs you up and inspires you to tackle your to-do list like a boss. others prefer a phrase that makes them stop, be still, and reflect before springing into action. i asked a selection of top trainers, healers, and wellness entrepreneurs to spill their motivational mantras. life isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly precious. so every morning, i wake up and say, “hey, special, unique life friend—thanks for everything. my favorite mantra was passed along to me by a friend a few years back: “i’m grateful for all that i am and all that i have. when i wake up in the morning, i always say to myself, “you got this.” no matter what comes my way during the day, i got it. i start off every morning with my positive affirmations and listening to fun music with my daughter. we make sure to gear ourselves up for the day with a healthy breakfast, a morning dance party, and a stretch. my morning mantra is to give gratitude—to conquer the day with a good attitude, honoring my body and how it’s feeling daily.

staying positive with everything i do helps me feel calm, and i end up not stressing the small stuff. i love the vibration of my mantra, and i use it every time i meditate. kh: i love to check in with myself every morning, because once i’m up, the demands of the day can easily take my focus off of what’s truly important. i tell myself that i’m loved and remind myself to speak my truth and to listen to my intuition. i always go over in my mind all that i’m grateful for. in doing this, i’ve found that it allows the mornings to feel a bit less stressful or heavy with anxiety. it puts every thought and to-do list in its proper place. does this have value?” i start every day with: “i’m grateful for.…” oftentimes, i wake up in the morning with a list of things i have to do. this mantra gives me the tools i need to start the day with positivity, instead of anxiousness. i find that it also promotes healthier communication with my loved ones!

waking up is a privilege. my morning mantra is to give gratitude—to conquer the day with a good attitude, honoring my body and how it’s feeling 5 morning mantras to start your day on a high note 1. i exist, i matter, i belong. 2. i am strong. i am kind. i am smart. i am beautiful on the inside and out 22 powerful daily mantras my sphere surrounds me and no negativity shall come in, but my positive energy can flow out and touch many. my, .

– om shri anantaha | narayana | is very powerful mantra to start your mornings with. make it a habit to chant this every morning,, .

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