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she has created transcendent ambient songs, as well as trance, world, americana, native american, and celtic music.” music can have a profound positive effect on both your body and your emotions. fast-tempo music can give you the energy boost you need to concentrate better. and a slower tempo can help to quiet your mind and ease your muscles, allowing you to release the stress of the day. meditation music is performed to aid in the practice of relaxation and meditation. healing music any type of music that is used to calm the mind, soothe the soul, and focus the thoughts. there are many different types of music genres that produce relaxation music including; native american, new age, celtic, indian stringed-instruments, and more. additionally, the sounds are nature can be very relaxing.

with so many sounds that can be considered meditative, it becomes a personal choice to find the type of music or sound that most resonates with you. you can start by exploring different kinds of meditative music and finding the one(s) that relax you and put you in a positive state of mind. every person is different, making it imperative that you take the personal initiative to find the style that quiets your mind and soothes your body. research has confirmed that music can indeed relax the body and put it into a meditative state. many people have the misconception that listening to meditative music will automatically put them to sleep, however, research shows that to induce sleep you may need to devote at least 45 minutes to listening to calming music in a relaxed position. further research studies into the power of positive meditation music have shown that it can change brain function in a similar capacity to medication. her ambient tunes will allow your mind, body, and spirit to relax, melting the stress of the day away in a safe, healthy manner.

discussion centers on how positive emotions are the mechanism of change for the type of mind-training practice studied here and how loving-kindness meditation is an intervention strategy that produces positive emotions in a way that outpaces the hedonic treadmill effect. thus, the personal resources accrued, often unintentionally, through frequent experiences of positive emotions are posited to be keys to later increases in well-being. (2003) to examine the affective, brain, and immunological effects of beginning a meditation practice. that said, the goal of the present study was to test the build hypothesis, which required a means of reliably eliciting positive emotions over the span of months. moreover, given the possibility of gradual shifts in people’s outlooks and personality traits, we expected the positive emotions generated by lkm to increase over time. we predicted that participation in the 7-week lkm workshop would increase individuals’ daily experiences of positive emotions, over time across the 9 weeks of daily reporting and within the specific morning targeted by the drm. as such, this study evaluates positive emotions as a mechanism for the effects of lkm but does not further decompose the mechanisms by which lkm and positive emotions exert their influence. each day, participants visited our secure website to complete a short report on their emotions and time spent in “meditation, prayer, or solo spiritual activity” over the past day. at the first session, participants were given a cd that included three guided meditations of increasing scope, led by the workshop instructor. each workshop session included 15–20 min for a group meditation, 20 min to check on participants’ progress and answer questions, and 20 min for a didactic presentation about features of the meditation and how to integrate concepts from the workshop into one’s daily life. we asked participants to divide their morning—from the time they awoke until they completed lunch—into a continuous series of episodes and to provide a descriptive label for each episode. the model also included random effects for the intercept, which represented each participant’s level of positive emotions at baseline, and for the impact of week in the study, which represented each participant’s change in positive emotions over time. to allow us to examine any changes in the impact of meditation practice on positive emotions over the course of the study, we entered meditation practice for each week of the study as a separate variable. these results are presented in table 3.6 to estimate the impact of lkm instruction and practice on positive emotions, we tested a separate model with the meditators alone.

first, we added meditation at episode as a time-varying predictor to test the effects of engaging in meditative activity on positive emotions experienced during that same episode. experimental condition and time spent meditating during the week predicted positive emotions for each week of the study. thus, we predicted that the path from slope of positive emotions to resources would be significant, but the path from baseline positive emotions to change in resources would not. we also examined the possibility that experimental condition and amount of time spent meditating directly influenced changes in resources and life satisfaction, in addition to their indirect influence via positive emotions. this pattern of results suggests that increases in positive emotions influenced the decline in depressive symptoms via both built resources and a direct impact on depressive symptoms. these shifts in positive emotions took time to appear and were not large in magnitude, but over the course of 9 weeks, they were linked to increases in a variety of personal resources, including mindful attention, self-acceptance, positive relations with others, and good physical health. we found that the effects of lkm were specific to positive emotions, without a comparable decrease in negative emotions. a final puzzling finding was the initially lower level of positive emotions in the meditation group. rather than becoming bored with or jaded to the effects of meditation, our participants seemed to be building a dependable skill for self-generating positive emotions again and again. we also examined whether participants reported a boost in positive emotions on the day of workshop sessions or the day after, comparing waitlist participants, lkm participants who did not attend that week’s workshop, and lkm participants who did. another alternative explanation for our findings is that whatever positive emotions our participants were feeling at t2 cast a rosy glow over all their self-reports and artificially produced the appearance of growth in resources. by random assignment, one group of individuals began a mind-training practice that increased their positive emotions and, in turn, their personal resources and well-being. 7it is not surprising that experimental condition and time spent meditating were highly correlated, r(139) = 0.71, p < .0001. thus, we examined them separately as predictors of emotions within the morning targeted by the drm. direct effects from experimental condition and time spent meditating to resource and life satisfaction/depression were not included in any of the models.

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