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the method appears to be effective in enhancing psychological well-being and modulating immune activity in a group of elderly people. for instance, a psychological program for stress management was able to modify the immune response and the course of the disease in patients with skin cancer [3, 4, 11]. psychological well-being and quality of life were assessed by means of tests with adequate psychometric properties that were culturally adapted to the sample. psychometric characteristics of the scale are adequate, with the authors reporting an internal consistency of affect balance of 0.85, and a cronbach’s alpha of 0.74 in a sample of canadian elderly [34]. immune cells carry out some of their functions by means of cell-to-cell contact and via membrane receptors or antigens that are expressed at the cellular surface. the study was conducted in a relaxing and quiet room of a public nursing home in alicante, spain. the waitlist group, consisted of 15 people in the beginning, but one participant was not evaluated at the follow-up phase due to a tia with hemiplegia and aphasia.

bmi measures led to a diagnosis of obesity in 6 members of the treatment group and 4 members of the control group (i.e., bmi > 30). at the psychological level, the relaxation technique produced positive effects in that there was a decline in negative affect, degree of psychological distress, and perception of symptomatology with respect to baseline levels at the beginning of the study. our results suggest that the relaxation technique is capable of significantly decreasing psychological distress in a group of elderly people. this could be due to a decrease in practice of the relaxation technique or that this type of treatment shows a greater effectiveness when employed by people under stress associated with immune disorders [56, 57]. nevertheless, we consider that this study provides interesting data that clarify our understanding of the effects of the relaxation response on psychological well-being and the immune system in an elderly group residing in a nursing home. aps is a geriatrician and head of the social welfare department (generalitat valenciana) in alicante. weighted scores for the treatment group: nottingham health profile at the three assessment times.

here are some good exercises for your elderly loved ones to consider: this technique takes the mind off of anxiety-provoking thoughts and images and enables one to feel somewhat in control of his or her body. this technique takes the mind off of pain or anxiety and focuses on something calming, such as ocean sounds, the thought that “i will get better,” or an image of a child smiling. in hypnosis, the goal is to achieve a state of relaxed concentration, during which the mind is more receptive to suggestions that block the awareness of pain, or to change the sensation of pain to something that is positive.

a massage therapist kneads the body into a state of relaxation, which can reduce pain and anxiety, stress and exhaustion. try different techniques to see which works most effectively. new jersey’s expert home care provides professional and reliable home health care and companion care for nj elderly, helping them with their daily living activities since 1984. please call us toll free at 800-848-2336 when you have home care related questions or need assistance for a loved one. get a free home care assessment (a $375 value!)

walking; yoga; chair exercises; swimming; aerobics; cycling; stretching. it’s important to find an activity that you truly enjoy so that you some authors suggest that relaxation, meditation, and guided imagery (e.g., positive visualization) techniques are appropriate in working with relaxation techniques can reduce anyone’s stress level, including seniors. here are some good exercises for your elderly loved ones to consider:., how to reduce stress in older adults, stress management in elderly slideshare, stress management in elderly slideshare, stress in old age, how to prevent stress aging.

exercise — exercising in the morning or midday is one of the best ways to release stress and promote healthy sleep patterns. get into the groove of a low-impact some relaxation options include visualization; prayer; meditation; focusing on relaxing each part of the body in sequence, often accompanied by a tape; and 2. focused breathing, with imagery sit or lie down comfortably. close your eyes. take a normal breath and exhale. take a deeper breath,, what is stress, elderly definition. try oneu2014or allu2014of these seven relaxation techniques for seniors, not just on the 15th but all year round!add yoga to your routine.enjoy a conversation with a friend.spend time in the garden.try meditation and deep breathing.catch a a massage or spa day.listen to soothing music or audiobook.

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