relaxing exercises for students

these relaxation instructions are meant to be used as a reference for students who have already received personal instruction in a relaxation technique. if you have not received personal instruction but are interested in doing so, please contact health promotion services at 314-935-7139. during inhalation, the diaphragm (the primary muscle involved in breathing) contracts downward, allowing the ribs to move outward, increasing lung capacity.

this natural way of “belly” breathing is associated with rest and relaxation (in contrast to shallow, “chest” or thoracic breathing which is associated with the stress “flight or fight” response). it is commonly defined as a state in which one is attentive to and aware of the present moment. by alternately tensing and releasing large muscle groups, you can become aware of your ability to control muscle tension and remain comfortable in response to anxious thoughts or stressful events.

a relaxation guide: classroom exercises that you can do in 5 minutes or less! each stress reduction exercise is organized by age range! build in time for independent work; practice yoga with your students; teach calming breathing exercises; read 1. belly breathing 2. “flower and bubbles” 3. “bunny breathing”., .

relaxation techniques take a moment and allow yourself to sit comfortably in an upright position. gently place your right hand over your abdomen (near your you can choose whether to use meditation music, nature sounds, or instrumentals. not only will this promote a calming effect on the classroom, but it will help how do i do it: practical relaxation techniques for students: deep breathing; count to 10; write in a journal; draw; color; scribble; read; visualization, . keep an eye on how long the children are engaged and try again another time.flower and candle. this is a simple relaxation technique that encourages deep breathing. lemon. this relaxation exercise releases muscle tension. lazy cat. this exercise releases muscle tension. feather/statue. stress balls. turtle.

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