sadhana practice

if you’re craving a deeper connection to yourself and the divine, one way to cultivate it is through a daily spiritual practice. gurmukh suggests five ways to purify your body and mind on a regular basis so that a daily sadhana—and in particular, a daily meditation practice—becomes more accessible: it’s also important to find a quiet place in your home to practice, gurmukh says. make sure you have a yoga mat to practice on and a comfortable meditation pillow to sit on for chanting, pranayama (yogic breathing practices), or silent meditation. for thousands of years, yogis have been getting up before sunrise to do their sadhana because the time of day is considered to be sacred and infused with a sense of stillness and quietude.

a simple beginner practice is to sit with your spine comfortably erect on a chair or meditation cushion, close your eyes, and observe the flow of your breath. another way to make a meditation practice more accessible, says gurmukh, is to use a mantra and a pranayama technique. it’s not only a service to your soul, but also a service to your family and to everything that you do.” now the question is, how do you make your sadhana sustainable? no matter how you design the details of your practice, the most important thing is to tap into the kind of motivation that will keep you going. sign up to receive omega’s monthly newsletter, plus updates on upcoming workshops, events, and offerings.

for my practice, i got a little ambitious and tried to incorporate several things i wanted to have in my life. and finally, i wanted to commit to starting my day early with a glass of warm lemon water (6:30am or earlier). here is a breakdown of how things went: 1) warm lemon water in the morning is a short, easy task that i was able to incorporate nearly every day, and has continued after my 40-day milestone. i force myself to get to bed earlier, i schedule more things in the morning to make myself get up, and it is still hard! i was fresh off of my training from doing hours of daily yoga & meditation, and it had become much easier for me to drop into that zen state of mind.

i was loosing steam, feeling guilty and then i went to a women’s networking event where a woman reminded me that a short meditation is just as good for you! i appreciate the moment to remember that not only do i have enough to feel full and give me all the nourishment that i need, but i have access to such a wide variety of healthy, colorful, and local food. but 40 days is a great place to start- i encourage all of my students to challenge themselves to a daily sadhana practice, whatever that might look like in your own life. you can always find a way to get better, stronger, and smarter if you put your mind to it. instead, start the next day with a clean slate, knowing that you are always in control of what to do with your time, day to day, moment to moment.

practice kundalini yoga; move your body; sweat; eat an alkaline, plant-based diet; eliminate alcohol and recreational drugs. create a sacred space. it’s sadhana is a sanskrit word that means a daily spiritual practice. it’s the foundation for your personal, individual effort to communicate with the main rule of sadhana practice is that you commit to it every day – no matter what. even if it is for just 15 minutes a day – you have to, what is sadhana, what is sadhana, sadhana yoga, daily sadhana, types of sadhana.

sadhana is your daily spiritual practice. you may start by just setting aside some time each day to practice techniques and activities such as meditation, yoga, chanting, and reading sacred literature. however, if you are sincere in your spiritual journey, your whole life will eventually reflect your sadhana. you can start your sadhana with light stretching and breathing exercises to warm-up. if practicing morning sadhana, it’s ideal to change out of your pajamas and a sadhana is a daily yoga practice or ritual that gives you a chance to connect with yourself. there are any number of things you can sādhanā is a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal. abhyāsa is repeated practice performed with observation and reflection. kriyā, or action, also, importance of sadhana, meditation sadhana, how to do sadhana sadhguru, sample sadhana. 10 ways to start a personal sadhana practiceasana. 3-12 simple rounds of sun salutations (surya namaskara) will set you up for your day like never before! meditation. sit with a simple breath meditation. journaling. commune with nature. affirmations. morning intention. pranayama. gratitude journal.

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