semen retention and meditation

i wanted to share a cognition i had about focus and the importance of meditation. in order to transmute properly though we must have a mind that is disciplined and focused in order to channel this creative energy like a laser beam into what we want. on a serious note, i get what you are saying. we must remember always that we live in the present, and we live in only one mind. this mind we must control with patient diligence and understanding on the same level that our ancestors had, as they could’ve only fantasized about have so much information at their fingertips at any given moment. there’s a name for that. i try to meditate in nature but i break focus because a bunch of bugs always show up on my feet and legs makes it hard to focus. you are just energy and so is everything else around you.

being on retention, sometimes i get so engrossed in meditations that those bugs, mosquitoes, or even a light drizzle doesn’t really make any difference to me. you sort of have to have a certain mindset to transmute sexual energy. but if you’re not doing something of the like, take that passion of sex then redirect your mindset to something else you want to focus on. like i said it’s hard to explain but to put it simply in technical terms, whenever you feel that sexual desire start to think about something else and focus on it. if you want to use visualization, just imagine a color of sexual energy sprouting inside you, then imagine releasing that energy to whatever you want to focus on and proceed to act upon it whatever that is. several studies strongly disagree with you :p however, whatever the type of meditation you feel is the best for you, keep doing it. i was on a streak of more than 1.5 months and i have some questions that i wanted to ask or clear so if you can, can i hit u up? make sure energy is flowing properly with qi gong, specifically the microcosmic orbit (/watch?v=-aeqm1-0d4u&list=ll&index=27&t=4s) if the energy is not flowing your tank will max out and eventually the damn will burst, open the microcosmic orbit and you will be able to hold/handle more energy. then it’s easier to be more zen.

my theory is that this sexual energy that gets generated in the body is craving to be expressed. oooor, another way is to internalize the anger energy and transform it into peace through meditation and what not. what i did notice is that if i skip my practice for a few days, the sexual drives will just rush over from nowhere all of the sudden. i’m speaking about exhausting and transforming the sexual energy that causes the craving and hornyness in a spiritual way.

“i’ll meditate for 10-15 minutes then watch youtube for a bit, etc.” i found that this worked really well for me, but it also takes up a lot of energy which in regards to exhausting the sexual desire should be helpful. it was to make a point that it’s possible to live without any sexual drive and craving simply by exhausting and internalizing the energy inwards through meditation or other spiritual practice. realize that the constant pleasure seeking and the futile hope for a resulting happiness are in fact a form of suffering. the intensity of this cannot be understated, and it is not recommended for those who are not serious about spiritual evolution. try take cialis and your sexual energy will be on another level  the trajectory of spiritual development is one of escaping the cyclical aspects of reality.

semen retention and meditation are two practices that go hand in hand. if you’re practicing semen retention then you should be meditating. brace yourself, brave reader. brahmacharya is the indian word for sexual transmutation, or semen retention. essentially, it is a practice where in all honesty, semen retention is far more powerful and beneficial for man than any daily practice of meditation., .

journaling, meditating, cold showers and exercise are absolutely amazing practices to have, not just on the path of retention but also in daily life, meditate to sharpen your focus and attention so you can pour all your energy when i’m on semen retention and suddenly i get horny because i’m at the gym i think sex drive is a very different compulsion then lets say coffee addiction or cookie addiction. and the solution can be different. i, .

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