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when you’re practicing semen retention, you build up a ton of energy and this is a neutral thing, not good or bad, you just have a lot more energy to put into whatever you invest your energy into. so this is why, in my opinion, meditation along side semen retention is very important as it helps you to stay balanced, keep your mind sharp, and your thoughts clear. it is spiritual immortality because you build your energy you condense it in the dantien so much that it forms a vessel. the highest goal of practicing semen retention is taking this raw sexual energy, jing, transforming into chi, and transforming it into shen. this is one of the purposes of practicing meditation to get the highest benefits of semen retention. there is nothing wrong with material accomplishments, however, you have to balance the physical and spiritual realms. if you focus too much on your spiritual destiny, you may not accomplish anything meaningful in the physical realm and not have anything to leave behind. it’s important to step back and get out of the chaos of this world.

it’s about your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. you build the lower dantien, which is a power center in the belly. you build this field of energy in the belly center that grows to fill the middle and upper dantien. this is just one pathway of meditation, no one path is right or wrong and it’s important to choose the best one for you that anchors you in your body and keeps you in the moment. if you’re interested in the techniques i practice, i highly recommend you start with a video i recently made on building the dantien. there’s also the microcosmic orbit meditation in which you activating a core energy channel of the body that becomes a boundary that you can circulate energy through. to summarize, if you’re practicing semen retention, i highly recommend you practice meditation. get the free course that’s supported 10,000+ men and counting.

the main focus of this blog is on an awkward but important topic, especially for the male population. brahmacharya is the indian word for sexual transmutation, or semen retention. legendary fighters mike tyson and muhammad ali practiced brahmacharya, believing that the aggression and energy build-up led to victory in the ring. nikola tesla, the brilliant serbian-american inventor (who edison stole most of his work from) said that “celibacy spurs on the brain.” to that claim, one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians in history, sir isaac newton, died virgin. following what had been my longest streak yet, i ran a 38-minute 10k by myself last october; i began to feel more energized and aggressive, not to mention more generally interested in doing things. i quit that habit in the fall, and quit all forms of self-pleasuring on new year’s eve.

undergoing a “dopamine detox” is vital for anyone seeking more willpower to engage in meaningful, productive work. masturbation, particularly to porn, is startlingly addictive. spiritual purity is perhaps the most commonly made argument for brahmacharya, one which is consistent across most religions for this topic. as stated above, an abstention from masturbation quickly leads to a rise in energy levels and aggression, especially for men. i noticed that i became more volatile, but instead of neutering this potential, i began to channel it into more intense exercise, meditation, and writing. i enjoy it as a means of reflection, to recollect my thoughts and prepare myself for a new burst of productivity.

in all honesty, semen retention is far more powerful and beneficial for man than any daily practice of meditation. semen retention and meditation are two practices that go hand in hand. if you’re practicing semen retention then you should be meditating. brace yourself, brave reader. brahmacharya is the indian word for sexual transmutation, or semen retention. essentially, it is a practice where, semen retention benefits, semen retention benefits, meditation tips, best time to meditate, spiritual meditation.

the spiritual aspirant views the world as a training ground, where he uses everyday experiences as a means to purify the mind and emotions. the semen retention meditate to sharpen your focus and attention so you can pour all your energy when i’m on semen retention and suddenly i get horny because i’m at the gym i think sex drive is a very different compulsion then lets say coffee addiction or cookie addiction. and the solution can be different. i, .

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