simple spiritual practices

spirituality is a journey, and like many journeys taken in life, everyone’s path can and will be different. incorporating spirituality into your everyday life doesn’t have to be difficult, it is a journey of practice, dedication, and open-mindedness. the most common ground of what spirituality means is that it is how you connect with the world and the people within it. the easiest place to start is by understanding your own emotions, and the ways in which you interact with others. as you can see, starting a spiritual life doesn’t have to be complicated.

these simple spirituality practices can help you on your journey of self-improvement and mindfulness. your path is unique to you, and you’ll find what works best. it’s knowing that you can’t take care of yourself or others if you don’t include spirituality in your quest for health and wellness. spirituality is all about how you connect with the world, how you appear in the world, and how you treat those around you. i now advocate to help end the stigma around substance use disorder and look for more ways to share how art can help those who are in recovery, or simply looking for ways art can help with your mental health. my agency offers an array of website and marketing services to brands across the us.

i’m a wife and a mom. i cook, and have a 50/50 chance of my family actually wanting to eat what i make. i love spending time with friends, but don’t get to do it as much as i used to. this is not to say that i am more spiritual, or more special than you. i just incorporate my spirituality into everything i do, so that even the most mundane tasks have meaning and help me to grow as a person. but with a deeply ingrained spiritual mindset, even my off days can feel like a true gift. this will allow you to start your day from a place of peace, feeling more centered and grounded. i began my practice two years ago with eight minutes a day, and every few weeks i added a minute or two. it is better to meditate for five minutes every single day, than 20 minutes twice a week.

but keep in mind it is better to meditate twice a week than not at all. by robert holden and a year of miracles by marianne williamson. these books are written with the intent that the reader will enjoy one page a day, so as to not feel overwhelmed by commitment. i firmly believe that the more gratitude you express, the more the universe will provide you to be grateful for. i live in the center of houston, so as much as i would love to be walking on a beach or hiking a beautiful mountain everyday, it’s just not possible. i now leave my phone on the counter when i take my dogs for a walk and i have swapped scrolling facebook for looking at the shapes in the clouds. when things “just work out” i believe it is the universe showing us that it has our back, and is conspiring for great things to happen. living with this outlook makes for really positive experiences to occur practically on a daily basis. i often find myself doing breath work at traffic lights, in line at the grocery store and when my kids occasionally really push my buttons. with consistent meditation you become less reactive and more responsive.

do a short, focused morning prayer. this can be, “good morning, lord. sigh to god. the holy spirit takes every sigh, every tear, every groan and translates simple spiritual practices physical meditation- how you physically connect to yourself and the world around you can look different for everyone if you want to improve your spirituality and spiritual development, you also need to take care of your physical body: eat better. exercise more. stop smoking., spiritual practices pdf, spiritual practices pdf, spiritual practices for beginners, powerful spiritual practices, ancient spiritual practices.

meditation is one of the most common methods people are using to get better in touch with their true spirit. alongside meditation are breathing spiritual practices are not activities to add to your busy schedule or crowded “to do” list. they are not confined to a special place or time. they are what you, christian spiritual practices, spiritual things to do at home.

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