spiritual mindfulness exercises

the reality is that mindfulness was initially intended for spiritual development and transformation. mindfulness reveals to us that the suffering we experience in life occurs when we claim these thoughts and feelings to be our own. all you have to do is sit down for a few minutes, allow yourself to tune into the never-ending stream of thoughts in your mind, and explore where they come from. mindfulness goes hand-in-hand with allowing things to be exactly what they are in the moment, whether that be a feeling of loneliness … i love mindfulness. eating consciously is one of the most enjoyable mindfulness exercises out there – it allows you to enjoy the sensuality and indulgence of something we do every day! the purpose of mindfulness is to not only live in the moment but to also become aware of the thoughts that arise in your mind and let them go. as a survivor of fundamentalist religious abuse, her mission is to help others find love, strength, and inner light in even the darkest places. we are all so much more – in that there is so much more to ‘us’ and within ‘us’ – than most of us ever believe to be the case.

it seems at times to not always follow the road map of the mind and spirit in a free and harmonious way. thank you john for sharing your reflections through the whole process, being able to navigate that internal chatter in a mindful way is something we can all benefit from and i’m grateful to see the process written out to inspire others to know what this may look like. sending you love and gratitude xxx my main issue with mindfulness is that i constantly feel required to have thoughts. this way they do not ‘take you over.’ you choose to be the master of your thoughts instead of letting your thoughts master you. since a couple of years this is what i have to practice and learn. i was in a treatment facility to recover from addiction and there was first introduced to the concept of mindfulness, living in the here, now! connecting with the pain in my body, feeling into it and releasing it (through the power of intention) is key to healing. i do however find the idea of your thoughts / feelings not being yours difficult to understand. why how can thoughts not be mine when sometimes i consciously choose to banish a negative thought and substitute it by a positive one?

in addition to regular meditations, you can also use mindfulness exercises to help boost your inner calm and help you find this sense of inner peace. in order to see the full benefits of mindfulness exercises, you will need to practice them regularly and consistently (each and every day if you are able). the body scan is perhaps the most similar practice to mindful meditation and is a nice relaxing exercise you can perform anywhere. you will feel a better appreciation for your environment and more calm and at ease when you are done.

as you chew pay attention to the texture, taste and feeling of the food as you allow it to nourish your body. next time you go to a yoga class, really pay attention to every pose you do and every breath you take and be aware of the amazing things your body is able to do and how you are able to perform. pay close attention to the process, what you are doing and be mindful of why you are doing it as well. be mindful of what you are stretching and the feel of oxygen rushing through your system as you do it—it will help you learn to be more mindful of your body. take a minute to start incorporating these easy, effective exercises into your daily routine and start seeing the way it changes you for the better.

consciously slow down. walk slowly, drink slowly, sit slowly, breathe slowly, talk slowly, move your body walking meditation – this is a practice that can integrate your ability to stay present into your daily life. if you’re getting good at staying with the breath, get our best new mindfulness meditations, worksheets, guided meditation scripts, and free courses delivered to you every 1-2 weeks. sign up, free christian mindfulness meditations, free christian mindfulness meditations, christian mindfulness exercises, mindfulness and christian spirituality, christian mindfulness course.

1. mindful breathing place a hand on your belly, fully exhale all the air from your lungs, pause for a moment, then slowly inhale through your unlike meditations or a body scan, this exercise is quick to perform and useful in getting a mindfulness practice started. with meditations and a meditation exercise can be as simple as doing some deep breathing, or as complex as repeating a mantra or doing transcendental meditation. any, mindfulness is not christian, dangers of mindfulness christian. 7 simple christian mindfulness exercisesground yourself in the present moment. breathe deeply with a two-word anchor prayer. take a bible meditation break. listen mindfully to people you talk with. pause to appreciate natural beauty. notice how your body feels with a body scan. say a prayer of blessing for others.

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