spiritual practices and the enneagram

when it comes to our spiritual formation, the same is true. the enneagram is a tool for our spiritual formation that can help us personalize our spiritual “workout routine.” each type has a particular vulnerability (or “passion,” or “sin,” depending on the book you read), and so each type has particular work in transforming that vulnerability into a holy strength. richard foster says, “celebration is central to all the spiritual disciplines. they can cultivate a friendship and affection for their own selves in the very same way they naturally offer it to others. the journey of the three is from vanity to hope. one way a four can make this journey is the discipline of confession.

one way for a five to cultivate non-attachment in their life is through the spiritual discipline of service. one way a six can do this is through the spiritual discipline of reading and studying scripture. “always be full of joy in the lord. it invites the seven to slowly and carefully pay attention to all the things, activities, and experiences of life. one way they can do this is the spiritual discipline of centering prayer. it’s an invitation to cooperate with god in all of the ways that the holy spirit is transforming you. choosing one spiritual discipline to practice regularly is a great place to start.

our ways of connecting with god are as varied as our enneagram numbers. some practices come more naturally while others challenge our way of being in the world. join rev. joe and suzanne stabile as they draw on their years of experience as retreat leaders, joe as a spiritual director, and suzanne as an enneagram master, and they explore the intersection of the enneagram and spiritual practices. it includes a thorough review of each enneagram stance and answers your questions on the history of spiritual practice, why we participate in spiritual practice, and to best begin and sustain spiritual practices in your own life. this workshop is intended for individuals who already know their enneagram number. if you are unsure of your enneagram number, ltm recommends the road back to you: an enneagram journey to self discovery and the enneagram journey podcast, and suzanne’s famous enneagram: know your number workshop.

the spiritual disciplines are like all the workout machines at the gym. ones turn from anger to serenity. twos turn from pride to humility. this workshop will walk participants through varied spiritual practices, practical application and expectations, and the struggles and benefits that each the enneagram and spiritual practices i believe the enneagram transcends religion and can be useful and pulled into all religions and, enneagram christian perspective pdf, enneagram christian perspective pdf, spiritual practices for enneagram 1, spiritual gifts and enneagram, enneagram test.

this practices helps twos embrace their own neediness, which is wrapped in. god’s sufficient love. • fasting: this discipline of fasting is good for twos spiritual practices for each type; online resources; subtypes and wings; relationships between types; heart, head, and gut triads; stress and how can the enneagram support you on your spiritual journey? a dynamic system that identifies nine unique approaches to life, the enneagram is a powerful tool, enneagram spiritual gifts test, enneagram type 2 christian perspective.

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