tantric meditation for couples

this is the extreme, fierce, and transgressive path. instead, the conscious connection of tantra gifts both participants a potent means of connecting to their higher self and each other. then, both partners close their eyes and shift their awareness to a ball of light expanding behind the brow center in the brain and witnessing the sensations present there. to start off, the woman breathes soft and naturally, focusing on the third-eye chakra, the center of the brows— a female energy center. then, allow the experience to liberate you and your sexual partner’s being. with these tantric techniques, we’ll spend time to separate both and feel the rich benefits of giving and receiving in their own right. in light of this, offer two rounds to the base of the body, two to their heart, one to their face, and two circling their whole body. fire is an excellent transmuter, so this is a chance for the receiver to let go and bring in new energy. explore with tenderness, and when finished, take the hands back to your own heart.

kiss the receiver through the petal as it grazes their lips, adding a level of intimacy and tension to the experience. this tantric approach builds fire and heat in the body. in essence, this guided couple’s tantric meditation pierces through the layers for you to see the spark of life and divinity in your partner. to combat this shame, here is a tantric practice to transform your relationship with your genitals and sexuality as a whole. undeniably, this is an opportunity to return the intentions of love and devotion. take time to come to the center and then bow to the soul in front of you. set a time for one person to talk and the other person to actively and compassionately listen. blame does not serve a relationship, and if you can be courageous and responsible for your actions, you inspire your partner to do the same. this is probably the most important link you’ll click through in your lifetime— access my masterclass to boost masculine confidence and master your sexuality.

concentration is single-pointed—that is, whatever you are paying attention to becomes the center, and even the totality, of awareness. your mind and body slow to the point where nothing seems to exist except for the meditation object. so, unless you develop your concentration muscle, your mind will be easily distracted and unable to fall into the bliss of deep absorption. whether you are stuck on a bus on your commute gazing at the ocean in rapture or listening closely to what your spouse is saying, loving concentration is about living and loving with focus and fullness—squeezing everything out of this one simple moment in time. you sharpen your focus, and the intensity of this touch or kiss seems to increase, but really what has changed is your attention.

breathing together connects you with your partner and helps the energies of body and mind resonate in a powerful and loving exchange. feel the distractions settle as you focus on breath and sensing your body and your partner. then, as you inhale, imagine energy rising up from this root center, traveling up your spine, though your heart center, and up through the forehead to the crown of your head. then, when you are ready, picture tracing a loop up through your own body on the inhale, then the light energy leaving your crown and entering your partner’s crown, and then flowing down through your partner on the exhale. she has helped thousands of couples jump-start their love life and create passion that lasts a lifetime.

tantric meditation 1: breathing sit facing each other in a meditative position. set your intentions. this is key! create a telepathic or mental connection. tantric union first connects us with our own divinity and then through the interplay of masculine and feminine energies, we are able to fully merge with another tantra is all about knowing yourself well, whether by meditating while occupying your minds with yourself or by touching your whole body from, .

sit facing your partner. if possible, sit cross-legged with your spine straight and your posture open and alert, yet relaxed. get as close as listen to tantra sexuality meditation for intimacy: 1 hour guided meditation for better sex, mindfulness practice for mind blowing sex, good sex for couples sit comfortably, cross-legged, facing your partner. each of you places your right hand on your partner’s heart chakra and your left hand atop, .

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