the 5 mindfulness trainings

this is the second day of the educators retreat at the university of barcelona. the date of the recording is may 10, 2014. the audio and video links are available below. 0:00 verses of practice 15:16 protecting life 27:26 true happiness 34:10 true love 49:35 true communication 1:10:55 consumption when thay became a monk at the age of sixteen, he was given a book of verses to memorize. one of those verses is for waking up in the morning. i have 24 brand new hours to live. i vow to look at those around me with eyes of compassion. there are about fifty of these verses for a novice to memorize. we can use this to improve the quality of our communication. the practice of mindfulness can be very concrete. the first is to protect life. this is the first mindfulness training. how do we practice with this and what can school teachers and parents do with this training? we can use mindful breathing and can see that an emotion is just one little part of a person. the second realm of the practice is true happiness. true happiness is made of understanding and love.

understanding is a practice and a true element of happiness. the third area is the practice of true love. true love is made of compassion, loving kindness, and nondiscrimination. the fourth aspect of mindfulness is the practice of loving speech and deep listening. this is the fourth mindfulness training. what can we do in the classroom to help students to suffer less? our society is a society of consumption. this concept of consumption is taught in the context of the four kinds of nutriments. the second source of nutriment is sense impressions. the third nutriment is volition. the last source of nutriment is consciousness. what are the seeds in our consciousness and do we know how to water the good seeds? happiness is possible. and a school teacher should learn to embody this kind of practice for transformation and healing to take place. (the five mindfulness trainings for educators)…i believe the second line should read: i have 24 brand new hours to live. sign up here to receive an email whenever new posts are published on this website.

the five mindfulness trainings remind us of our deep aspiration to live each day with a calm mind and an open heart. in the plum village tradition, we study and recite the precepts as the five mindfulness trainings, a reformulation for our time by thich nhat hanh. the trainings are guardrails on the path of mindfulness that preserve and encourage our kindhearted practice. as in past years, the still water mindfulness practice center will join with the mindfulness practice center of fairfax (mpcf) for the transmission of the three refuges and the five mindfulness trainings.

practitioners who are interested in receiving the trainings on january 2nd are asked to participate in preparatory classes. still water will offer a series of five classes, each exploring one of the five mindfulness trainings. the preparatory classes will be offered as still water’s programs on thursday (silver spring) and friday (open-to-all) evenings: we encourage all to attend the online ceremony on january 2, 2021. it is a joyous and heartening community event and our presence will support those who are receiving trainings. two of thich nhat hanh’s books spotlight the trainings: the mindfulness survival kit – five essential practices, and for a future to be possible. topics are posted on tuesdays for discussion during our thursday and friday evening online programs at 7 pm.. see calendar for meeting time and location.

the five mindfulness trainings reverence for life true happiness true love loving speech and deep listening nourishment and healing. to practice the five mindfulness trainings is to cultivate the insight of interbeing, or right view, which can remove all discrimination, intolerance, anger, the five mindfulness trainings 1. reverence for life 2. true happiness 3. true love 4. loving speech and deep listening 5. nourishment and, 5 mindfulness trainings pdf, 5 mindfulness trainings pdf, arise sangha 5 mindfulness trainings, fourteen mindfulness trainings, receive the 5 mindfulness trainings.

the first mindfulness training is based on the first precept, “abstain from taking life.” it is also linked to right action. to act “rightly” in aware of the suffering caused by the destruction of life, i vow to cultivate compassion and learn ways to protect the lives of people, animals, plants, the five precepts (now called “mindfulness trainings”) the first mindfulness training: the second mindfulness training: the third mindfulness training: the, five mindfulness trainings ceremony, 5 mindfulness trainings transmission.

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