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meditation and visualization affect the brain and body in completely different ways. below i break down the differences and similarities, and how you can use each practice to make your life better: there are many different styles of meditation, but the style i teach is all about giving the body deep rest so it can heal itself from stress. visualization, on the other hand, is more active. we guide the breath and mind in a specific direction for a desired result such as a mindset, a feeling, or a body sensation. meditation de-excites the nervous system in a way that gives the body rest, which is even deeper than sleep.

fear affects the breath first, so many of the visualizations i use in my new mindbodgreen course start with breath work, then lead you through guided imagery and usually end with a power pose (which is a handy way to usher your body into a more confident state of being). vedic meditation, which is the foundation of what i teach, helps you access a verifiable fourth state of consciousness, different from waking, sleeping, or dreaming. by contrast, visualization is more of a waking state practice. we guide our thoughts to visualize the best-case scenario, or use our imagination to have a full-five sensory experience of how your next high-demand situation would ideally play out. meditation and visualization are not the same thing but they’re both great for you, and they can be practiced in tandem. if you’re looking for more resources on how to start a meditation or visualization practice, read these stories to get you on the right path:

one type of visualization meditation is meditation for compassion, . loving-kindness, where you focus on one particular person you have in mind or several visualization is a mindfulness technique on its own, but you can also use it to enhance regular meditation. adding visualization into your “visualization meditation is the method of picturing positive images, ideas, symbols, or using affirmations and mantras to help calm the, .

visualization meditation combines the practice of meditation with the technique of visualization. in meditation, you sharpen your focus when you visualize in a multi-sensory way, you practice what you can think of as “mental rotation.” you literally spin a problem around in your visualization meditation is a form of meditation that requires you to concentrate on imagery to cultivate a sense of mindfulness., .

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