yoga and christianity

i’m also the same person who wrote a letter to my school board expressing concern over some yoga and meditation practices i saw creeping into our public schools. some of us just like to align, lengthen, and strengthen our entire body with yoga because the physical benefits of yoga are for real. i believe that includes the knowledge of muscles, stretching, and overall health from yoga movements. if you want to follow jesus and do yoga—you can’t stop short of thinking through the implications of what yoga means to you and what you’re actually doing when you practice it.

here’s how i handle yoga to be consistent with my faith: i make a hard separation between the physical and spiritual practice. i have yet another friend who completely avoids yoga altogether and advocates that others do the same. and, at the end of every class, don’t forget to throw in my favorite pose, “lay on the floor and don’t move.” the process being described here is discernment rooted in following the holy spirit, and it can be applied to every category of our lives. who did you look to for answers, and how do you know if it’s right?

her testimony is extremely compelling and worth the four minutes it takes to hear it. clearly, to them, the positions, the breathing and the philosophy that imbues yoga is deeply religious. but ultimately, yoga was intended to yoke a person to the so-called “lord of yoga” – sheva, the destroyer. i love yoga for the physical and mental health benefits. when i meditate and practice yoga i find that it is easier for me to listen to god. ps it is not unchristian to recognize that god created everything and so there is god in everything that exists. the popular phrases “we are all one..everything is one.” are meant to say that you are god. people think because there is a different name it means a different god and that is where the arguing comes from. the god of the bible is the one true god and his word is without error.

this led to the concept of wave–particle duality to reflect that quantum-scale particles behave like both particles and waves  so you believe that “christians” should think and believe like medieval clerics? i think the reference to adorning a tree with silver and gold was a reference to worship of the goddess ashera and the ashera pole – look it up. it would take a lot of thorough research and knowledge about the roots of yoga to understand why the practice would be contradictory to our faith in jesus. i don’t think the pagan god will visit us just because of it and god’s supposed to cover us from anything we can’t cover ourselves. great movie and shows the wisdom in both religions which is to be respected. you have to go through a whole lot of gymnastics to make yoga “ok” for a christian to practice and when you have to try that hard then the answer is simple…it’s not ok. exactly! i challenge anyone to go and look up the original word for the pose and not come away realizing that they are an offering to a god that killed multiple other gods in a homicide. however the guide you were closer to is not the god of the bible. would you consider making a tax-deductible donation to help our journalists continue to report the truth and restore the church?

“‘christian yoga’ is an oxymoron. yoga is rooted in hinduism and cannot be separated from it,” he says. “there’s nothing wrong with stretching and calming down yoga has many contexts, many types of instructors, and people who practice it for all different reasons. so i’d say the answer to “can christians practice yoga? yoga is not a religion. it is nonsectarian, but contains the ability to deepen anyone’s faith. aspects of yoga have been incorporated into many, .

some catholics are also teaching yoga as a christian practice. the reverend anthony randazzo, a priest at notre dame roman catholic church in new jersey and co-author of u201cbeatitudes, christ and the practice of yoga,u201d has taught yoga for years. he insists that yoga has always brought him closer to christ. yoga has actually helped me develop my relationship with jesus and god. yoga is not evil, or anti-christian. yoga is a practice of peace: inner and outer peace “after a while we start to realize meditation—and yoga—becomes something not to be labeled as a hindu thing or a christian thing but a human christians uncomfortable with the term “yoga” may select wholyfit, outstretched in worship, or praisemoves. none of these variants envision yoga, .

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