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we are unrivaled in our deep understanding of anatomy and mechanics. add it all up, and we’ve arrived at an impactful style of yoga unlike anything you’ve tried before. we do it all! we have spent more than 20 years and have taught more than 30,000 classes, investigating what works to have you feel better. the yoga better practice is this: develop a connection to your body so profound that you feel better, have better overall functionality, and are stronger and more flexible. we do it all so that you can live pain-free, be more functional every year, and eventually get on the ground and play with your great grand-children.

examining both the justifications of a practice and measuring the results, it becomes possible to notice some things aren’t working. can we all agree that if we’re going to do a movement practice like yoga, it should at least positively impact our health? as we begin looking for what works great and what doesn’t work well in helping us feel better, we need to see that there is a bunch of convoluted gobbledy gook out there. this includes the stuff we would like to have (better feet blood flow) and the stuff that we wouldn’t (cervical disc herniation). or more importantly, our biggest question in the yoga better style is – both andria and i were in pain with a multitude of issues before yoga, and both of us sought yoga to feel better. i was looking for the best information on what does work to have the neck, or the knees, or the lower back feel better. if we want to feel better, keep the stuff that works and constantly improve on our practice.

yoga for better health believes everyone deserves access to this wisdom and it’s our aim to help people, no matter their health challenges or circumstances, to access yogic and meditation practices that can help. even during training, medical students and healthcare professionals must cope with heavy workloads and high stress levels in a highly competitive environment. yoga and meditation have shown remarkable potential to serve as a practical behavioral self-care strategy for both disease prevention and therapy, as well as the promotion of overall well-being. yoga for better health provides accessible, effective mental health & well-being programs that address stress & burnout for healthcare employees. but much of what you find online showcases intense physical practices and ‘the full expression of the pose’ which isn’t accessible for many people.

the yoga for better health app was created to share the full depth, breadth and therapeutic nature of yoga. we highlight safe(r) yoga practices – and how to modify the practices to suite every body. when you’re about to teach a class and a new student present with a health concern or injury, are you confident in how to keep them safe? over 430 of yoga’s most common practices explore the benefits, therapeutic application, cautions and concerns along with descriptions and modifications and variations you may wish to consider. covers 100+ of today’s most common health concerns to quickly be guided towards safe practices and those you should avoid. yoga for better health founded and hosts the global yoga therapy day, aug 14; a worldwide, collaborative effort educating the public about yoga therapy and the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

at my yoga better, you get a one-on-one feel in your own home, which is the fastest way to learn both your new practice and your body. your videos will have yoga better is a evolutionary style of yoga and movement based on inquiry and study. it takes a naturalistic view of reality and seeks out what works and uniquely challenging class, taught in an intelligent and well articulated fashion with an impressive explanation from an anatomical perspective., better yoga classes, better yoga classes, pralaya yoga, yoga heights, union yoga.

yoga better is an evolutionary style of yoga and movement based on inquiry and study. #yogabetter. welcome to feel better yoga. come visit one of our two locations in alamance county. challenging and empowering practice of heated power vinyasa yoga. yoga better. yoga. silver street studios studio 309 281-704-5578 visit website. for over 20 years, we’ve been developing a style, alcove yoga, studio b yoga, atrium yoga, yoga workshops houston.

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