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this is a class for students new to yoga and for students that are learning the poses and alignment. come ready to open your heart, body and spirit and have fun! this class is for continuing students, both advanced beginners (students that have been attending a level i class for a minimum of several months) and intermediate students that have a good understanding of alignment. level i-ii classes help to build strength, endurance and flexibility and open us to be inspired to aspire to new possibilities both on and off the mat! it is ideal for folks who are new to yoga, recovering from injuries and/or living with special physical conditions and for those who desire a gentle yoga class. prana is our breath and the vital life force in our bodies. pranayama is the relationship to our breath and teaches us to control the movement of our minds.

this class will teach us about the breath and various simple techniques to access the breath, quiet the mind and turn into the sublime radiance of our hearts. we will also explore what meditation is and what it is not. it will greatly benefit your yoga practice because more awareness of our breath expands the quality and experience of our yoga practice. but, most importantly, pranayama and meditation will significantly improve the quality of your life: the way you lead your life and the manner in which you respond to life! think of pranayama and meditation as food for the brain that nourishes our brains to be healthy, vibrant and at ease. dr. davidson states: “meditation can remodel the brain to strengthen the qualities that psychologists say are critical components of happiness: resilience, equanimity, calm, and a sense of compassionate connection to others.” we will practice pranayama and meditation each week. private yoga sessions are available for students new to yoga, students who are recovering from injuries or for students who want to receive additional attention to focus & improve on their practice.

consider taking one of our free yoga classes, which are open to all students — regardless of your level of experience. these are not fitness classes, yet you may choose to test your limits and wind down to active rest. if you attend two classes, you can get a free yoga mat. arrive early to get a space in the class. she leads students to learn the art of truly understanding their body’s anatomy, how their minds interplay with their bodies, and the science of the energetic systems. her classes strike a balance between the practice of yoga poses, breathing exercises, some meditative arts and relaxation techniques.

he looks forward to guiding you through the cultivation of a yoga practice that works best for you. attending a meditation group can reinforce your desire to practice meditation daily and help you to expand your skills. all experience levels are welcome. students who practice mindfulness and meditation are less-stressed, sleep better, and have more self-compassion. during our 4-session course students learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and different techniques, such as belly breathing, body scan, guided imagery and labeling thoughts, to practice mindfulness every day. to register for a four-session course, please complete and submit the registration information; you will need to attend all four classes in order to participate in this course. you will be emailed to confirm your registration before the first class.

all students welcome for beginner to intermediate yoga classes & gentle yoga with meditation & breath practices to relax, release stress relax, take a breath and learn how to calm your mind, manage your stress and feel better. yoga & meditation. please check back during the semester for class glo is online yoga, meditation, and pilates with expert, innovative instructors. experience what’s inside with 7 days free., yoga classes, yoga classes, free online yoga and meditation classes, meditation class online, restorative yoga classes.

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