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one of the benefits of a regular yoga practice is that it encourages you to be more mindful, both on and off the yoga mat. here are a few simple mindfulness exercises to get you started. but the breath is a powerful tool that we can use to anchor the mind in the present moment. once you find it easy to notice the breath while in savasana, try keeping your attention on your breath while you move through a yoga sequence. if you practice yoga regularly, you will probably find it easy to move through a complicated yoga sequence, either on your own or when guided by a yoga teacher. this is why i include a lot of dynamic yoga poses in my mindfulness yoga classes — it’s easy for people to pick up the movement, then they can focus on … focusing.

another mindfulness exercise is to keep your attention on your body during a static yoga pose, one that you hold for several breaths. as you hold the pose, notice the sensations in your body — the tension in muscles that are active, the looseness of muscles that are relaxed, the slight movements of the joints, the shifting of your body as it maintains the pose, and even the contact of your body with the floor or mat. in the last two, your contact with the floor is your hands, so notice how the muscles of the hand, wrist and arms contract and relax to maintain the pose. in standing poses like warrior ii or goddess, does keeping your attention on your body help you breathe smoothly even when your muscles start to shake? the goal of these kinds of mindfulness exercises is to keep your attention resting on an object. when your mind drifts elsewhere, bring your attention back to the object. and i find that some objects are easier to visualize than others.

mindfulness is a life skill which helps us to pay attention to what is happening in our lives in the present moment; with ourselves, with others and our surroundings. we can practise this skill of mindfulness and cultivate it more deeply in our lives. you simply take a raisin and pay deliberate attention to every step in the process of eating it, from holding it in your hand to finally swallowing it. if this is not comfortable for you because of your relationship with food then you can change it for a different daily activity like getting dressed or cleaning your teeth, paying attention to thoughts, feelings and sensations throughout. you might like to light a candle or decorate the table. notice how you feel as you prepare to eat, paying attention to the process of lifting the food to your mouth, how does it taste? notice how you respond to the food with all of your senses.

when you have finished, take a breath, notice how you feel, and then let go of the experience. you deliberately bring your attention and awareness to each part of the body in turn not trying to make anything happen – just feeling what you are feeling. the three-minute breathing space is a three-step exercise where we change the focus of attention from broad to narrow and back to broad again. next, you zoom the camera lens into a specific spot like a branch of a tree, this then becomes your focus of attention and you notice how it moves in the wind, the shape of the leaves and so on. keep a note of the experience, of the context and how you felt before and after it. next zoom in close to the physical sensations of the breath. you might focus on the sensations on your nostrils, or the belly expanding and drawing back or you might follow the breath all the way in and all the way out. if you become aware of any sensations of discomfort or tension, imagine that the breath could move into and around those sensations.

mindful yoga or mindfulness yoga combines buddhist-style mindfulness practice with yoga as exercise to provide a means of exercise that is also meditative and useful for reducing stress. mindful movement: flow within a yoga pose stand with feet about hip width apart, with your arms by your side. as you inhale, bring your arms here are 10 simple yoga exercises to reduce stress, improve well-being, and get you primed for a sitting meditation session—or anytime. this sequence emphasizes sitting meditation. sit comfortably with your back straight, feet flat on the floor and hands in your lap. breathing through your nose, focus on your breath, mindful yoga for beginners, mindful yoga for beginners, mindfulness movement exercises, mindfulness exercises for anxiety, online yoga mindfulness.

both yoga and mindfulness aim to quiet the mind, in order to cultivate a deeper connection to and understanding of the self. they both teach you this 20-minute easy yoga workout is perfect for beginners who like a slow-paced exercise. stretch & relax your entire body at the start or end of your day. three simple mindfulness exercises 1. mindful eating exercise – the raisin exercise 2. full body scan 3. three-minute breathing space., mindfulness meditation, mindfulness yoga meditation. mindfulness yoga sequencehero’s pose. great for: stretching the quads (thighs), tops of feet and ankles and lengthening the spine. child’s pose – balasana. great for: easing lower back ache and tightness as well as opening into the inner thighs, groin and chest. seated moving meditation. easy sit forward fold. lateral bend.

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