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while there are “official” yoga props available to buy, you can also find some of these items around your home. “in a pinch, you can use household items like pillows and blankets as props,” says restorative yoga instructor melissa okabe. it’s a rectangular cushion that provides support for a variety of heart opening and low-back lengthening poses. they’re useful in restorative yoga to provide extra cushion behind the head and under the knees. for certain yoga poses, such as heart openers or hip openers, two blocks (of the same material) can offer support to your body. the type of material you choose depends on your personal preference. yoga straps come in handy when stretching the backs of the legs, such as the reclined hand-to-big-toe pose. eye pillows are placed over the eyes during restorative yoga poses.

“often scented with lavender, these eye pillows add a nice touch of soothing and relaxing aromatherapy to your restorative yoga practice.” although you can lie on carpeting or the floor, yoga mats make restorative yoga more comfortable. aromatherapy takes the practice of restorative yoga to a whole new level. it’s a lot more fun and comfortable, though, to do yoga in clothing designed especially for the process. make the restorative yoga process even more enjoyable and relaxing by listening to yoga music as you sink into the poses. it looks as though you’ve already said that. you seem to be logged out. sorry, comments are currently closed. you are posting comments too quickly.

to help you elevate your om-from-home, here’s a list of the best yoga props to invest in. this gaiam essentials yoga block is a favorite because of how lightweight and stable it is. tip for use: prop it under your lower back during legs up the wall pose to deepen your stretch and ensure your back is at the right angle. the mindful and modern velvet meditation cushion is incredibly comfortable to sit on with a plush velvet cover that can be removed for easy cleaning.

yoga can feel great, but some of the poses can be really hard on your joints, especially your wrists and ankles. the upcircleseven yoga wheel is a favorite choice for its super thick foam padding that makes it comfortable to lean on and its impressive strength. savasana, the relaxing pose at the end of your yoga practice, is meant to be comfortable. the mache yoga tube is an all-in-one holster for your mat, blocks, and bands. here’s how to do them properly, along with some… incorporating yoga into your running routine can help you maximize your results and prevent injury.

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